Choreography Days is a 20-day dance & movement challenge open to all those interested in growing as choreographers and movement composers.

Where: Worldwide

When: August 11-30th, 2020

Deadline for applications: Friday, August 7th, 2020

The goal and personal challenge for each individual who takes part is to create a new movement phrase or combination every day for 20 days, from August 11th, 2020 – August 30th, 2020. This is a space to practice the act of making choreographic decisions resulting in set choreography or a set movement score by the end of each day (as opposed to recording an improvisation), for twenty days! It’s a space to try, fail, to practice, and to not be perfect.

Each registered participant will be accepted into the official Facebook group, where a choreographic prompt will be provided daily and where we will each share each day’s work with each other.:

Join us for CD2020 as an opportunity to “get your creative juices flowing” after perhaps choreographing less than usual during the pandemic. Or, use this time to gather combinations to use in future pieces you choreograph or classes you teach! This time is for you– use it however will serve you best! Spread the news in your dance circles.

The project is organized by dancer-choreographer Hania (Hanna) Szymczak [USA/PL], and the official project partner is Teatr ROZBARK (Bytomski Teatr Tańca i Ruchu ROZBARK) in Bytom, Poland.

To anyone to whom 20 days of choreography seems a little daunting–
“Let’s say, in theory, on average people fail 10 times before being successful. My advice? Do that as fast as possible.” – Trey Smith
The more practice you allow yourself, the more your practice will develop! Breathe, embrace the phrase “Better done than perfect!” and challenge yourself to go for it. May this be a rich & fruitful time for your professional practice!

NOTE.: There is also the option of signing up as a “team”, i.e. a group/dance company/dance school/etc. and splitting the challenge days among yourselves. We encourage you though to consider each signing up individually for the full 20 days!

For more information, visit our official Facebook event.:

If you are a music or soundscore composer, we invite you to apply to our CD2020 composer Open Call.:

Follow Hania Szymczak and Teatr ROZBARK on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.
Keep up with Choreography Days by searching for the hashtags.: #choreographydays2020 #choreographychallenge

How to apply: First, carefully read the full information provided in the description of the Facebook event. Next, sign up via our Google form.:
Lastly, request to join the Facebook group where Choreography Days will take place!

Free for participants.

Contact details:
Hania Szymczak –
In case of questions, reach out through Hania Szymczak’s official FB Page:
or IG @haniatheartist

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