ShorChoreographing Walking with Katja Münker – 3 days workshop in the frame of SommerTanz 2022

Where: Uferstudios Wedding, Berlin, Germany

When: 22.-24.07.2022 // 20:30-22:30

Deadline for applications: 22.07.2022

During these three summer-night-walks we explore the city, walking and aesthetic creation by shifting, twisting, relocating the everyday: An unusual time of the day, a workshop as a walk, walking as choreography, the city as an immediate place of creating, and the lights don’t come on but slowly fade away. From the development process of the walking performance piece Schrittweise I will use scores and experiments and exemplify basic choreographic principles (movement, use of space, temporalities, and references between participants) in walking, to then interact with it directly. And maybe the nightingale sings to it, and we become accomplices …

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Costs for participants: 90€/75€* *Early Bird Price until 07.07.2022

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