‘Choreo Lab – Made in Ulm’ are looking to commission two talented emerging choreographers to create a work based on the famous equation E = mc². Einstein himself was born in Ulm and this is an exciting opportunity to conceptualise, create, execute and premier your work in a black box stage. You will be joined by local choreographer Pablo Sansalvador to create a triple bill evening premiering on Friday the 23rd of August 2019 followed by two performances.

Where: ROXY, Ulm, Germany

When: 29th of July to the 25th of August 2019

Deadline for applications: Please complete the online application by 2359hrs on the 25th of March 2019.

What we offer:

-a humble fee for the creation of your work

-travel to Ulm and local accommodation during your stay

-three professional dancers to create your work on

-the opportunity to participate in selecting the three dancers

-a creation week with a minimum of 32 hours rehearsal with three dancers, inside the performance space

-personal support during your creation week

-daily class for the dancers

-a professional recording of your piece and a short trailer

-photographic documentation of your creation week and performance

-a ‘production week’ to establish lighting, costumes and final rehearsals

-press release

The selected candidates will fulfil the the following requirements:

-under the age of 35 years on the 23rd of August.

-the capacity to portray this years ‘Choreo Lab – Made in Ulm’ theme E = mc² in a original and engaging choreographic style

-an ability to create quality choreographic material under tight time restrictions

-the capability to work as team player within a professional environment

-the capacity to create an original work with a duration between 14- 20 minutes

-a track record of previous choreographic works

-living in Germany or close to Ulm

-appreciate the value in having the local community watch open rehearsals and previews of your work. The ‘Choreo Lab – Made in Ulm’ encourages open discourse between the choreographer and viewer. We strive to initiate active participation by members of the public during the creative process’.

-have ambition and vision to present and perform the work you created for the ‘Choreo Lab – Made in Ulm’ in other venues, festivals, theatres and choreographic competitions etc…

Partially completed applications will not be accepted. You are welcome to complete the application in German or English.

Inside the application you will be asked to state your preference of creation week, you must also be available for the production week from the 19-25th of August 2019.

The two successful applicants will be announced by the 8th of April 2019 via email.

We are happy to reply to any questions via movingrhizomes@gmail.com

This ‘Choreo Lab – Made in Ulm’ production is in collaboration with LABOR 1|12 ROXY Ulm non-profit GmbH, Moving Rhizomes e.V. and Stadt Ulm

To apply, please complete the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/ZzLXjOq7Z28jTsv82

Costs for participants: This is a paid opportunity for two choreographers.

For further information please visit movingrhizomes.com

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