Chayah Artistic Residency is a two-week artist in residence opportunity for dance choreographers and researchers, giving life to a new work with the company members of CPR Dance: Inhale Movement in Southwest, MI.
January 22- February 3, 2024.

Where: CPR Dance: Inhale Movement Studio Space. 4184 N Roosevelt Road Stevensville, MI 49127, USA

When: Jan 22 – Feb 2, 2024

Deadline for applications: November 15, 2023

Chayah Artistic Residency
Submission due November 15, 2023

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CPR Dance: Inhale Movement

Chayah Artistic Residency is a two week artist in residence opportunity for dance choreographers and researchers. The artist will give life to a new work through their unique research process with the company members of CPR Dance: Inhale Movement as well as engage with engaging with their pedagogy practice for the community and the pre-professional dancers of the Berrien County Dancers program.

CPR Dance: Inhale Movement is the premiere contemporary dance company in Southwest Michigan. We value bringing community access to professional dance, while sharing collaborative and engaging opportunities to connect, view, and participate in movement.

CPR Dance: Inhale Movement proposes movement as fundamental to existence as breath. Breathing life, moving life, with attendance towards one another. By realizing interests in health, wellness, mindfulness, movement, breath, meditation, film, justice, and friendship and that it was possible to permeate into performance, choreographic, and teaching artistries. A way to further succinctly identify and communicate the values of wandering through intangible movement, lost and found, with well-being and care as a fulcrum that doesn’t shy away from but presses into reflective evaluative works.

Where: St. Joseph, Michigan

CPR Dance: Inhale Movement
4184 N Roosevelt Road
Stevensville, MI 49127

When: January 22, 2024 – February 3, 2024

The selected artist will receive:
Privately hosted living quarters with walking access to Lake Michigan, and numerous nature trails along the dunes and shoreline.
Unlimited access to the CPR Dance: Inhale Movement studio space, featuring (25 x 30) sprung marley dance floor.
A $1000.00 stipend.
Informal research sharing opportunities with the community and with the pre-professional dancers of the Berrien County Dancers program.
Artist will retain rights to their original work, with the permission for CPR Dance: Inhale Movement to present their work for the following seven years.

Chayah Artistic Residency Overview:
Week 1: One day sharing their pedagogical practice with the dancers of the Berrien County Dancers program. 7:30 AM – 2:30 PM approximately. Followed by six days of use of the studio facility for research.
Week 2: Four days of application of research setting a new work with the company dancers of CPR Dance: Inhale Movement. An informal performance and Q&A for the Berrien County Dancers program and community will culminate on the last day of the residency.

Please note: The selected artist must cover their own transportation to St. Joseph, MI, and to/from The Studio and their hosted living quarters. Approx 3 miles.

How to apply:
A $20.00 submission fee must be submitted for applications to be complete.
Artists will be notified December 1, 2023.

Costs for participants: $20.00 USD

Contact details:

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