An Online Masterclass by Carlos Rodero about Space & Time Experience in Performing Arts.

Where: Online

When: April 24th at 16,00 GMT+2

Deadline for applications: Two hours before starting

Celebrating The 4th DIMENSION
Space & Time Experience in PERFORMING ARTS
[A Dramaturgy for Upcoming Times Section]
An Online Masterclass by Carlos Rodero

A practical Masterclass that dives in and explore the question of Space & Time in Performing Arts and gives some clues for understanding how performers and creators may deal with them when preparing a performance.

A live performance is presented to an audience at a particular time and space. Beyond the stage (and “behind the scenes” or the audience experience), a performance occurs, with possibly many simultaneous actions happening. The performing stage funnels a single view of the audience perception at a given time.

There could be many such views, but it is not possible to portray them all at once.

Performance art in many ways has been concerned with space and time: the real time or the real space of live performance, mediated time, extended duration, the psychological experience of both. We are creating and need to have a certain knowledge capsules of spacetime that reveal facets of the contemporary experience and conceptualization of space and time.

Many times, in the origin of our dramaturgy appears the way in which the creation of space on the stage also creates a perception and understanding of time. Much narrative and illusionistic theatre, but also an abstract, surreal, metaphorical, creates a situation in which the time depicted on the stage is different from that of the audience, and yet the performers and spectators share essentially the same space.

The question of Space & Time is essential to our creations and can be seen as stemming from the physical organization of what we are planning to communicate to an audience.

We examine as well the contemporary phenomenon of video and projection on the stage and how even technology of live action can disrupt time not only between the auditorium and stage but within the stage itself through a disruption of spatial parameters.

Some aspects to deal with:

1. Time & Space between a conventional and non-conventional dramaturgy
2. Multiple vision of Time & Space on Stage
3. Open and Close Space & Time
4. The Time & Space of the performer
5. The Time & Space of the performance
6. The Time & Space of the Audience
7. Time & Space and Technology
8. Interrelation between Space & Time

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