CAPa’s Artistic Residency Programme comprehends diversity and it is designed to encourage crossing and interaction between different arts. Workspaces (2 studios and a black box), accommodation (15 beds), and access to other CAPa facilities (kitchen, office, laundry) is made available. Our creative residency program grants to resident technical teams full access to all facilities within one single building. All together, the availability of all these facilities does make a difference in a work progress environment, especially in an on-going creative process.

Where: Faro, Portugal

Applications open for the following months: April, May, Jun, July, September, October, November

Our former residents agreed that our ready-to-use and open features contribute to productive and well-focused work journey, throughout the residency. After our 11 year-old experience, we can state that this has been a major factor of interested for the great amount of applications that we get every year, by national and internationally renowned creators. At the end of a creative residency period, we give our guest creators the possibility to open doors for a public presentation. It can be either an informal performance or an open rehearsal, that is usually followed by a talk/ meeting between the audience and the creators.

Of course, it is up to the creators to set up such events, depending on how far the stage of development of their projects is. Some creators might find it useful for finding directions for the work in process, while others may not. It was due to the international recognition of our program throughout the last decade that we were invited to be part of the IDEE – Initiatives in Dance through European Exchange – and afterwards to be founding members of the EDN – European Dancehouse Network. DeVIR/CAPa was also partner, co-organizer and the single member in Portugal of the European modul-dance project – the most important cooperation project for contemporary dance with the participation of 20 European dance houses from 16 countries.

To apply and for further information, please visit

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