Camminamenti Workshop of Voice & Axis Syllabus in Italy.

Where: Anghiari (Italy)

When: 6 – 10 July 2022

Deadline for applications: 20th June 2022

Camminamenti is a path of investigation on movement and singing, starting from the analysis of the sophisticated bio-mechanics that underlies both expressions. Knowing the instrument that makes them possible, their limits and potentialities, it allows us to develop adaptation to the context and a greater spectrum of expressive possibilities, while preserving the integrity of the body. On this common ground, the dialogue between the two expressions offers itself as a further tool to understand one and the other.
Can singing support my dance and vice versa?

Through this pedagogical way, in a learning process that follows the oral modalities and the research of the Lichtenberger® Method, Valentina invites to meet the songs of the Italian oral tradition and of the world: a place of privileged expression, free from dictates of ordinary.
Singing, a space of poetry and rebellion, a revealer of secrets, has kept alive and handed down knowledge that inhabits the body, the heart and the mind.
What happens when our body comes into contact with the ”ancient body” of these Songs? How do we encounter the sound of our own and other voices in this ”special territory”?

Nuvola’s proposal sinks into contemporary dance, starting from the Axis Syllabus archive which reorders, according to a precise logic, information of biomechanics, physics, physiology, anthropology applied to the body in movement and combined with a pedagogy that puts the participants in the role of researcher. Experiential anatomy, improvisation, patterns and/or sequences of movement are some of the tools through which the pedagogical arc is articulated.
What moves me? Which relationships make up the inner landscape of the body? Which is the dialogue between inner and outer landscapes?

Among the hills of Anghiari (35km from Arezzo).
An indoor wooden room, a large outdoor platform overlooking the landscape and nature itself will be the places that will host our practice.

From Wednesday the 6th to Sunday the 10th of July.
Arrival on Wednesday afternoon, departure on Sunday after lunch.

The residency will be divided into two morning sessions of 1 ½ hours; one of singing and one of movement, dedicated to the study of specific instruments of the two arts.
The 3-hour afternoon session, on the other hand, integrates movement and singing into a single creative process in which to implement the tools worked on in the morning.
This basic structure, while listening to the context, can be shaped to the needs of the group and the work.

Possibility to sleep in tents in the surrounding park or woods or to reserve a bed in shared rooms.
Vegetarian cuisine and local products.

Nuvola Vandini |
Founder of Architetture di Corpi – Aps |
Artistic Director of Scie Festival |
Certified teacher of Axis Syllabus |

” Through movement I am interested in observing the temporary reality of bodies. I consider movement one of the most valuable teachers I have encountered so far, a refined technology that can be used for the most diverse purposes. My research and practice are based on movement and dance, yet these are not the goal, but rather the tools, the technology with which I drop into the folds of the human, the landscapes it creates and the universe of which it is a part, to intercept its complexity and wonder. What I offer, in terms of workshops, performances and events lies between the gaps of different disciplines and studies, convinced that the fascinating complexity of bodies can only be approached through the integration of different points of view.”

Velentina Turrini
Co-founder of Le Strologhe |
Performer and trainer of O Thiasos |
Teacher in training of the Lichtenberger® Method |

“I have always been passionate about oral culture, which in the form of song, storytelling, poetry and ritual and magical formula has been embodied and passed down for a long time, crossing different landscapes and terrains. I am interested in the precious, transformative process of this knowledge, in the passage between living beings, in that special zone, realm of Sound and Archetypes, of the border between individual and collective memory, in which originality and possibility of presence are continuously generated. In the pedagogical and performative proposal where I meet children and adults, I feed on this infinite traditional heritage, which inspires multiple re-elaborations. Through songs, storytelling, and theater, I try to listen to gestures, images, and voices that arise in those who listen or in those I accompany in the workshops.”

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Costs for participants: €320 (camping) – €360 (bed in shared rooms)

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