15m2 International Itinerant Microdance Festival is the first microdance festival in Catalonia. A cultural project that links stage creation with the fields of knowledge, territory and community.
A microdance festival in unique and unconventional spaces, which is structured around a thematic axis and a locality. The programme includes professional microdance exhibitions and Knowledge and territory activities that delve into the theme of the edition and connect the project with the environment and the community of the place where it is developed.

Where: Puig-reig, Catalonia, Spain

When: 31 August and 1 September 2024.

Deadline for applications: 20 June 2024

The 15m2 15m2 International Itinerant Microdance Festival has opened a call for the selection of between 6 and 9 microdance creation projects to be presented as part of the programme of the 2024 edition, which will take place in the locality of Puig-reig (Berguedà) on the theme of Water and textile, between 27 August and 7 September 2024.

The professional microdance exhibitions will be held in the industrial colonies of Puig-reig, on 31 August and 1 September 2024.

How to apply:
Reed the terms and conditions: https://festival15m2.cat/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/call-2024_english.pdf

And fill in de form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdKeU8AD6ElnaS1HBbaKHgbqbpS3pWRwbjE0SVH5uHErG34ow/viewform?usp=send_form

Free for participants.

Contact details: info@festival15m2.cat

For further information, please visit http://www.festival15m2.cat

For more OPEN CALLS, please visit https://dancingopportunities.com/category/open-calls/