The tenth edition of the Festival/Permanency Ticino in Dance, a site-specific event for contemporary dance, is scheduled from July 1st to July 7th, 2024, in Mendrisio, a peripheral region of Italian-speaking Switzerland.

Where: Mendrisio, Switzerland

When: 1-7/07/2024

Deadline for applications: November 20, 2023

Since 2022, Ticino in Dance has been renewing its format by experimenting in close collaboration with artists, exploring new ways of engaging with the audience. Every artist is asked to participate with their creative process rather than a pre-existing performance, emphasizing a human connection that can blossom through the encounter.
TiD aims to be a flexible and receptive platform for contemporary artists, adapting to the unique approaches to choreography in the present and the ways in which those on the receiving end of artistic creation engage with it.

The renewal process that Ticino in Dance is currently implementing is centered around the artist as an individual, their creative process, their vision for the future, and their role in society, with the intention of making these elements the richness conveyed during the event.
In the six months leading up to the Festival, artists get to know each other through five virtual meetings and are invited to develop their proposals as relational performative devices. These devices will form the program of the Festival/Permanency with the purpose of engaging in a dialogue with the local territory and its inhabitants. Collaboration among artists to create joint proposals is possible but not mandatory. This process is guided by Alessia Della Casa, a local artist and the artistic coordinator of the Festival, and Silvia Ferrari, the facilitator and curator of the TiD process. Together, they provide the artists with the context and the technical-logistical guidelines necessary for the development of artistic proposals.

In order to foster the collaborative spirit that will guide the week of residency in Mendrisio, artists are required to:
– Be present in the local area for the entire duration of the Festival/Permanency, from July 1st to July 7th, 2024.
– Attend five preliminary virtual meetings.
– Participate in a final feedback session.
We plan to host 6 artists working in contemporary dance, hailing from Ticino, Switzerland, and abroad. This call is directed towards individual artists, not collectives or companies.
Artists are expected to commit to attending 6 virtual meetings (each lasting two hours) from January to September, as follows:
4 collective meetings: January 24th, ,2024 /February 21st,2024 / June 19th ,2024 / September 11th ,2024 (Feedback)
2 individual or group meetings to be scheduled together between March,2024 and April,2024

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