The Place and UCL are seeking applications from artists to collaborate with engineers and technologists from UCL’s Institute of Communications and Connected Systems. In a new and unique project, The Place and UCL are looking to seed innovative ideas through this period of supported research.

Where: The Place and UCL, London, UK

When: w/c 13 July, w/c 20 July and w/c 3 August

Deadline for applications: Mon 24 Feb at midnight

As part of Choreodrome, The Place’s annual professional research and development programme, this project focuses on exploration and the development of new ideas, without the need to deliver finished work. In particular, the Dance and Technology Lab focuses on ‘the connected performance’ and how sensors and the artistic inclusion of live data can be used to break down barriers between audience and performer.

We will invite one artist or company to work closely with UCL researchers in sensor technology and data analysis who are seeking collaborators to develop its application in dance and performance. This might, for example, include creating interactions between elements of staging and performance, or responding to audience attributes such as heartbeat, movement or measures of emotional engagement. Together with the UCL researchers, the selected artist or company will be invited to explore and generate new research from scratch. Artists are not required to bring a research proposal to the Lab. They will be selected on their ability to demonstrate the skills, experience and interests needed to drive open ended research.

The Research Lab will consist of:

£1500 artist fee
1 week at UCL Institute of Communications and Connected Systems – w/c 13 July
2 weeks studio time at The Place – w/c 20 July and w/c 3 August
Consultation and planning time with the UCL team ahead of the Lab weeks
Facilitated research sharings
Weekly lunch time get-togethers with other Choreodrome artists

How to apply:
For more information, including eligibility criteria and how to apply, please visit:

Contact details: Please send any queries to

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