ŻfinMalta – The National Contemporary Dance Company, is seeking an Artistic Director. As a Public Cultural Organisation, standard government procedures call for a renewal of the tenure of the Artistic Director.

Where: ZfinMalta, Valletta, Malta

When: June 2020

Deadline for applications: 23rd June 2020 at 12.00 noon (UTC / GMT +2)

This exciting position calls for a choreographer to lead Malta’s national contemporary dance company.

The selected candidate will provide the artistic vision and lead the company to fulfil its mission and vision whilst striving to maintain world-class standards.

The Artistic Director will develop the Dance Company’s annual programme of events encompassing the widest possible forms of artistic expression with the aim of reaching people of all ages and from all social groups whatever their cultural background. They will create their own work, commission other choreographers and nurture the artistic development of the company’s dancers and work with the team to expand the work of the company in the Maltese Islands and in an international context.
The Artistic Director will be a cultural leader who participates actively in advocacy for artistic, cultural and creative development on a national level as well as developing a strong agenda for international collaborations.

Applicants should have a proven track record internationally, be purposeful, motivated and able to apply agile leadership and excellent communication skills.

The chosen candidate will be engaged on a three-year contract for service. Working to the Board of the ŻfinMalta National Dance Company, the chosen candidate is expected to lead the company, operating with flexible hours to meet the demands and requirements of the position. The chosen candidate will be based in Malta and required to work within the rules and regulations of the Malta Public Service.

The remuneration bracket lies between EUR32,000 and EUR 38,000 excluding VAT, per year. Payment will be processed monthly by the ŻfinMalta National Dance Company on receipt of an invoice with a valid VAT number.

Closing date for applications is 23rd June 2020 at 12.00 noon (UTC / GMT +2).

If you have questions after reading the application guidelines please email Rachel Vella, Deputy Company Administrator: rachel.vella@zfinmalta.org

The audition and interview with shortlisted applicants will be held online, between the 1st and 10th of July 2020 in accordance with the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

The new Artistic Director of ŻfinMalta National Dance Company will commence work in Malta from 8th March 2021. However a handover period in the month leading up to this is necessary. The handover period will be discussed with the chosen candidate in due course.

Due to Visa issues, this call is open to European Union and British citizens only.

How to apply / register: For application guidelines please visit https://www.zfinmalta.org/opportunities.

Costs for participants: Free

Contact details:rachel.vella@zfinmalta.org

Your website or Facebook page:https://www.zfinmalta.org/opportunities/