Glovo Collective in collaboration with the City Council of Lugo and the support of Agadic – Xunta de Galicia presents the terms and conditions of the Call for artistic and research residencies “Atopémonos Bailando” for dance and movement arts professionals.

Where: Lugo – Spain

When: From 1st April to 30th November 2023.

Deadline for applications: From 27th January to 15 February 2023.

Object of the call
Dance and movement arts professionals are invited to present their projects for 6 artistic and/or research residencies (technical residencies are excluded) to be carried out between April and November 2023 (four of them with a standard duration in Lugo (Galicia) and two in exchange with structures in Portugal and Costa Rica with a different duration):
-artists based in Portugal
-artists based in Spain

The programme of artistic and research residencies “ATOPÉMONOS BAILANDO” 2023 also enables the exchange of two of the residencies selected through this call with two other international residency programmes.
These exchanges are the result of recent collaborations between the AB Residencies in Lugo and entities in Portugal and Costa Rica.

Application period
From 27th January to 15 February 2023.

Period of the residencies
From 1st April to 30th November 2023.

Duration of the residencies
Minimum 5 and maximum 10 days (the exchange residency with Costa Rica may last up to 4 weeks).

Types of residencies
Research or creation residencies for individual professionals or teams that base their artistic work around movement and the body.
Space for the residencies
-MIHL Museum in Lugo.
-Espacio teatromosca de Portugal: AMAS – AUDITÓRIO MUNICIPAL ANTÓNIO SILVA.
-Sede SóLODOS Costa Rica.
-Taller Nacional de Danza de Costa Rica.

Artist’s commitments
-Completion of the residency within the period agreed by both parties.
-Signing of the contract before the start of the residency.
-Carry out a mediation activity: open session of the residency for the local community and/or artistic community of Galicia or hold a workshop (to be defined by the applicant).
-Produce a descriptive report of the residency (maximum 5 pages) and submit it within a maximum period of 15 days from the end of the residency.
-To authorise the video and photographic record of the residency.
-Incorporate the logos of Colectivo Glovo, Concello de Lugo and Xunta de Galicia in the documentation generated by the project, as well as sharing and tagging them on social networks. The residences in exchange will also add the logos of the structures that host them in the host country.
-Respect the facilities and the environment.

Contribution of the organization through the call for proposals
-Audiovisual recording of the residency.
-Remuneration: Between €700 and €2000 (VAT included) per residency. Payment will be made upon submission of the report and the corresponding invoice at the end of the residency period.

For the exchange with Costa Rica – Taller Nacional de Danza Costa Rica and Plataforma SóLODOS Costa Rica
-Flight tickets to Costa Rica will be provided and arranged, as well as transfers, accommodation and meals for the duration of the residency (4 weeks).

For the exchange with Portugal – teatromosca
-Travel to Portugal will be provided and managed, as well as accommodation and meals, for the duration of the residency, as well as various meetings with professionals and programmers in the sector.

All the costs of the residences will be paid by the applicant.

How to apply / register:
Documentation to be provided
The following documentation will be sent to the email IN ONE SINGLE PDF (in Galician, Spanish, Portuguese or English) with the subject RESIDENCIAS ATOPÉMONOS BAILANDO 2023 + NAME OF THE PROJECT:
-Dossier describing the objectives of the residency, methodology, contents and links to previous works (maximum 5 pages).
-Duration of the residency and structure of the work to be developed and proposed mediation activity (contents, target audience and duration) (maximum 2 pages).
-CV of the artistic and technical team of the project (maximum 1 page per artist).
-Full details of the applicant’s fiscal residence, list of ID cards of the participants in the residency and their role in the project.
-You must clearly specify if you are interested in the exchange with Costa Rica and Portugal or if you are only participating for your residency in Lugo.

Evaluation and resolution of the call
A project assessment committee made up of professionals from the sector will be appointed. Approximately 50% of the residencies will be reserved for professionals from Galicia.
The resolution will be published at the beginning of March 2023 on the website and on its social networks.

Contact details:

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