PACAP 3- Advanced Programme in Performing Arts. Curatorship: Vânia Rovisco.

Where: Forum Dança, Lisboa, Portugal.

Program lenght: April 15th 2019 to August 16th 2019

Deadline for applications: January 25th 2019.

PACAP 3 curated by Vânia Rovisco.
Keywords: Performance; Installation; Expanded Body; Theory Practices; Music; Visual arts; Fine arts; Poetics of the body; Formal hybridism.

In the curatorship of the program, Vânia Rovisco established the act of creation as the central axis. This act is defined as a moment of free expression organized by different means and variations which are submitted to the urgency or need to affect the social and/or the individual. The multiplicity of artistic resources in the creation process confirms Performance as a total art, transdisciplinary and shifting through the constellations and ways of artistic sharing, thus claiming a contemporary structure to the curatorship of PACAP 3.

PACAP 3 was conceived as a continuous process vitalized by the conference of multiple languages in the act of experimenting, researching and physical preparation. Body work is foundational to the program with all the different artistic languages covered in the scope of the program being directed around the axis-body. The several artists invited to teach at the program will be as much interdisciplinary as intergenerational. The goal of this teaching body will be to maintain a dynamic of continuity and disruption in the artistic process of the participants in the program. This teaching specificity is aligned with the sharing of material and processes inherent to the formal hybridism of PACAP 3.

Creation in Performance as the sum of the relational exercises, following the contemporary paradigm of the expanded body [conscience], will be submitted in the program to the critical practice of place. Therefore, the spaces of creation assume a particular relevance in the artistic topography already designed by PACAP 3 between Coimbra, in Colégio das Artes; Montemor-o-Novo, in Espaço do Tempo; and Lisbon, in Escola Superior de Música, Culturgest and Espaço da Penha- Forum Dança. PACAP 3 will also have some specific moments open to the public like Pop-Up events or Open Studio events.

Following the idea of the total body, the program calls for the exploration of the possibilities of the hybrid potency of contemporary performance. Several resources will be activated in dialogue with the formula of theory as practice: the production of objects resulting in plastic and visual artistic languages; the spoken and written text, sending us to the performatic index of both; the migration of formal methods and strategies between media, as for instance the improvisation from music.

This programme intends to be as open as possible, aimed at a heterogenous group of people who work or are related with performance, dance, theatre, music, fine arts, visual and stage arts, poetry, literature. Personal commitment and dedication are essential to progress on our questions and perspectives on creation, and to radically and persistently depart from our routines during the 4 months of duration of PACAP 3.

Detailed Programme and Applications:

Costs for participants: 1400 Euros.

Contact details
Forum Dança – Associação Cultural
Travessa do Calado 26 B
1170-070 Lisboa, Portugal

21 342 89 85 | 925 103 596

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