The Butoh Training led by Florencia Guerberof consist of a series of two days workshops of 4 hours per day including 30 minutes guided warm up (vital).
Participants should be prepared for an intense physical and mental practice.
Different themes will be explored in each workshop. Attending the whole training is highly recommended in order to gain a deeper insight into the work, however, taking part in a single session (either day one or two) is also allowed.

Where: London South Bank University, UK

When: 27 & 28 Sept, 19 & 26 Oct ,16 & 23 Nov, 12 & 14 Dec

Deadline for applications: Sept WS: 26 Sept, Oct WS: 18 & 25 Oct, Nov WS: 15 Nov & 22 Nov, Dec WS: 11 Dec

The sessions introduce Butoh, a Japanese Avant-Garde dance theatre movement originated in Tokyo in 1959 by Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno. The physical practice is supported by theory, recommended bibliography on Butoh, Japanese Aesthetics and visual art materials.

The Butoh Training Program departs from a theoretical base on the fundamental principles that support the practice of Butoh. The dance movement is investigated in relation to modern art, philosophy, literature, theatre and cinema in the historical and political context of Japan and the West.

The physical training focuses on a state of emptiness that allows the body to transit infinite transformations. The notion of nothingness is approached from a Taoist perspective.

The movement practice is rooted in Japanese concepts of simplicity, stillness, silence, invisibility and impermanence. The physical work departs from breath as a vital force animating the body. It focuses on a history of the body walking in- between life and death.

Butoh is explored through different imagery, providing different methods of accessing concrete materials from nature through the body. The physical work is articulated through the tangible experience of the performer with different objects, their absence and their subsequent process of internalization.

It offers techniques for improvisation as well as it investigates Tatsumi Hijikata’s choreographic process.

The training aims at opening new doors in the performer’s creation process.

The sessions encourage a creative assimilation of the ideas triggered by Butoh towards the discovery of a specific area of interest relevant to the dancer, actor and artist’s own practice in the search for a personal physical language.

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