Butoh Workshop with Natsuko Kono invites you to discover the practice of Butoh, step out of your habits and physical patterns, to activate the source of your energy and discover the possibilities within your body.

Where: DOCK11, Berlin, Germany

When: 20, 21, 22 April 2020

Quality of movement and of presence find their origin in our sensitivity and in our physical and emotional experiences. In this workshop, we will search in our own history and in the memories of our body. We will explore the different ways of developing our potential through a deep and subtle approach and we will progressively become aware of the intimate parts of our humanity that have been neglected.
We will take inspiration from Nature, but also from the Fundamentals such as the spiral, the gravity, the wave, the emotions. We will then experiment with the fluidity and the power of our movement, whilst giving ourselves more space and time to express our emotions.
The workshop will be given in English and translated in German and French if needed.

To book a place please write to > bookforbutoh@gmail.com

Costs for participants: Earlybird until 16th March, 130€ / after that, 150€

For further information, please visit https://natsuko-kono.wixsite.com/urbanbutoh

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