Bursaries TDP’20 Hotspots LAB
You are an Irish-based professional contemporary dancer, seeking opportunities to develop your practise and career, discover new works, enhance your training, strengthen your network? Tipperary Dance Platforms offers 12 bursaries to take part in this year’s TDP’20 Hotspot Laboratory.

Where: TDP’20 festival, Tipperary town and DanceHouse, Dublin

When: 7-8-9-10 OCTOBER 2020

Deadline for applications: 10 September 2020, 6 PM IST


TDP’20 Hotspots LAB is a transnational concept that seeks to open interaction with new physical spaces through digital media. The H-LAB aims to feed a contagious form of seeding cultural exchange, exchange of knowledge and experiences, despite COVID-19-related mobility restrictions and gathering restrictions.

The TDP’20 Hotspot Laboratory is funded by Tipperary Dance Platform, Dance Ireland and Creative Ireland. In partnership with DanceHouse, Dublin, MilanOltre Festival (Italy), Trois C-L (Luxembourg), TenerifeLAV and Teatro Victoria (Tenerife), the Hotspots LAB creates a safe environment to gain experience in your dance practice, and to network.

The TDP’20 LAB will take place in several ‘HOTSPOTS’ studios in Europe: Each hotspot will host a group of 6 to 10 dancers maximum, to reduce exposure to COVID-related risks. Each group will be mentored by an experienced artist. The hotspots and mentors are

– Rita Marcallo @ Excel Arts Cente, Co.Tipperary, Ireland
– Philip Connaughton @ DanceHouse, Dublin, Ireland
– Melania Pallini @ MilanOltre festival, Italy
– Léa Tirabasso @ Trois C-L, Luxemburg
– Javier Cuevas @Teatro Victoria, Tenerife


The Bursaries are for professional contemporary dance artists and dance graduate students to take part in the LAB in the two Irish hotspots (Tipperary and Dublin) is only accessible through the bursaries application process.
To be eligible for a bursary, you must fulfil the following conditions:

– You are resident in Ireland, and will not travel to a foreign country in the two weeks preceding the LAB.
– You are a professional contemporary dance artist or dance graduate student.
– You commit to follow the entire LAB.
– You acknowledge the reality of the current epidemic and the associated risks. You commit to follow Health & Safety guidelines put in place by public authorities and by the organisers of the LAB.

Each bursary will entitle you to:
– Participation in the full LAB at TDP’20 festival (7-10 Oct 2020): four days of Laboratory, free of tuition costs.
– For the participants in the Tipperary Hotspot exclusively: three nights of accommodation, including breakfast and dinner.
– Bursaries for the Dublin Dance House will be allocated in priority to residents of the Dublin area, and the north, centre and southeast of Ireland.
– Bursaries for the Tipperary Hotspot will be allocated in priority to residents of the west, south, and southwest of Ireland.

How to apply / register: Fill this form:

Free for partisipants.

Contact details: Jazmin Chiodi
Festival co-director
TDP’20 international dance festival

For further information, please visit www.tdpfestival.com

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