The team Budge is really happy to announce the opening of the registrations for their new Winter Workshop which will last from the 2nd of January till the 7th of January in “L’imprimerie”, Geneva.

The days will start with a workshop led by Carl Crochet (ex BJ, worked with Hofesh Schechter, ZfinMalta…), followed by the workshop with Antonin Rioche (ex BJ, worked with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Sasha Waltz, Olivier Dubois…)With these workshops, we would life to offer a possibility to meet new people and learn from the participants and the talented choreographers

This workshop is open to professionals and pre-professionals (+16 yrs).

Where: Geneva, “L’imprimerie” 6 rue du pré-jérôme 1205, Switzerland

When: 2nd – 7th of January, 2018

Deadline for application:  29/12/2017

Carl Crochet 10h-13h [ENG/FR]

The workshops that I am offering develop into two parts.

The first part is based on improvisation, which will direct the dancers to discover and explore new qualities, sensations and emotions within a suitable musical environment.

I will indeed lead your research so that you could reach a near hypnotic state along side a strong connection with your movements.

In the second part, I will give you the possibility to use your previous research in a dance phrase and together we will work on the different qualities going through details.

Antonin Rioche: 14h-17h [ENG/FR]

My workshop will begin with a warm-up in 2 parts.

First of all, we will start with a bit of yoga with the famous ” Magic Ten – Jivamukti ” which is a series of yoga exercises that can be done in 10 minutes.

It’s very practical for dancers when we have to get ready quickly.

Then we shall continue by some crossing of the space and improvisations to approach qualities of movements which will be useful for the material of Ohboy!

This workshop is an opportunity of a choreographic workshop through the poetic and pictorial universe of the solo ” Ohboy! ” by experimenting the contents of this piece. Passing by the same exercises which allowed us to create it. The purpose of this week will be to pass by the rollercoasters physical and emotional to experiment your own version of this piece.

To apply, please send an email with your CV to the following address:

Workshop: 30 CHF
If you do the whole week: 300 chf
Low price for ex Ballet Junior of Geneva students (or current students): 180 CHF for the whole week.

For further information, please visit

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