Applications are open to audition for the academic years of 2024-2027 at Budapest Circus Arts And Contemporary Dance College for the three year contemporary dance BA program.

Where: BCDC Budapest, Hungary 1036 Budapest, Perc utca 2/2. floor

When: 01.04.2024-31.05.2024

Deadline for applications: In case of in person participation the deadline for application is 20.04.2024. In case of Online Pre-Audition the deadline is 31.05.2024.

The deadline for sending the application form for personal participation is 31.03.2024.
Date of Pre-Audition: 26-27.04.2024.
Venue: Budapest, BCDC

Online Pre-Audition
Applications will be accepted continuously until 05.05.2024.

Final Audition
Participation is on an invitation-only basis in case of successful selection following the first round in person or online.
Date of Final Audition: 15-16.06.2024.
Venue: Budapest, BCDC.

Contemporary Dance BA course

The three-year training cycle enables Students to step on the path of becoming professional contemporary dancers. The BA course in contemporary dance aims to create a diverse learning environment for acquiring dance (experiential, practical and theoretical), offers tools for exploring one’s creativity, helps in finding a solid base for practice of performing and creation, and cultivates personal and artistic reflectivity. These areas and pedagogical directions interweave and provide the frame for the learning processes and the program of the course.
The versatile training program is supported by a developmental approach through exploring various techniques and methods of dance and the moving body. Including developing technical skills, refining physical abilities, working with movement skills development and body awareness as well as creating contexts for integrated theory and practice.
To assist and nourish the individual and artistic growth of our students we seek balance between individual and group learning processes, rely on a complex assessment system, use methods that promote reflectivity, and provide the ground to raise knowledge to earn a BA degree in contemporary dance at the end of their studies.
The faculty believes that curiosity, courage and dedication are fundamental to shape one’s self-image as a performer or creator, as well as sensitivity and openness to social and cultural contexts.

How to apply:
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