Breath Body Contact with Sabine Parzer, 5 Days Workshop in the frame of SommerTanz 2023.

Where: Tanzfabrik Berlin Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

When: 24.-28.07.2023 // 16:30-20:30

Deadline for applications: 24.07.2023

This workshop addresses our ability to be present with each breath, movement, and contact, to be in a released and alert space. Incorporating somatic principles with Contact Improvisation, Breath Body Contact allows us to connect to the mindfulness of our innate body wisdom. Contact Improvisation works best when dancers allow themselves to be soft and clear, in communication and connection to their own needs and others. The breath being the bases for our entire being, it is also the easiest tool to connect the inside with the outside. This approach is a wonderful starting point for great dances! We will work on:

↪ Breath: is our first awaking impulse to connect and prepare our awareness, Breathing through the rhythms of our dance
↪ Touch Qualities: how they help us relate and create tonus
↪ Fascia: connective tissue providing the juice for our connectivity, moving from and going into contact
↪ Spine: relating to 3Dimensionalionality and accessing the nervous system consciously

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