BREATH | 6-week Online Course For Dance Professionals
Integrate your technical skills at a deeper level and align technique with where you are going in your career.

Where: can be attended worldwide

When: Feb 11th to Mar 17th

Deadline for applications: Feb 15th

You feel you have risked, sacrificed, and worked hard to be where you are at now in your dance career. You feel everything is there for you to really flourish, yet there is something that hasn’t quite clicked into place yet?

The online programme BREATH helps dancers to integrate their skills at a higher level. This way they can allow their different zones of talent & mastery to function together and to expand the horizon for what is possible for their bodies. The goal is to create a safe context for dancers to explore their individual strengths & to figure out what their next step is to align their technical qualities with their career. This course is purposely organised as an online course so you can work from where you are and implement the material immediately into your circumstances and personal work.

In these 6 weeks, we direct ourselves to:

– understanding breath in relationship to the dancing body / the body in motion / the moving body
– getting clear on what the next step is in your career so you get specific on your current needs
– integrating the breath for expression, power and grace
– creating an inner & technical foundation that evolves as you evolve

The programme is open to dancers of all levels and all technical backgrounds. The work is individual while having online support available Mon to Fri wherever you need help! 🙂

To apply, follow the instructions for applications here:

Costs for participants: 297€ / 617€

Contact details:

For further information, please visit

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