Break dancers for our show Break the Tango wanted!

We are looking for a B-Boy cover position that is able to dance a team choreography, preferably already danced in a company before is a team player (an absolute must) has B-Boy knowledge and also knows power moves has good musicality and sense of rhythm dances with originality is 18+ ideally comes from within the EU for our upcoming tours in 2018. Dancers have to be available for rehearsals and shows from the mid-January.

When: Monday, 27. November 2017, start at 10 am

Where: Zurich, Switzerland

Deadline for applications: Monday, 20. November 2017

«Break the Tango» bends all the rules and brings together two very different styles of dance. While the tango dancers – two of whom are tango world champions ( – drift elegantly across the stage, athletic break-dancers shake up milonga traditions. «Break the Tango» shows just how fiery, explosive and captivating the mix of tango and street dance can be – and not just for fans of tango and breakdance. The company provides entertainment backed by a five-man live band playing electrotango hits by Otros Aires and pop songs by artists such as Adele and Beyoncé. You get the chance to dance along with “Bboy Prince Henry” Henry Monsanto, “Bboy Hill” Gil Adan Hernandez Candelas, “Bboy Issue” Kwang Suk Park, “Bboy Jonathan” Jonathan Anzalone and “Bboy Cho” Joo Hyosung!

Interested? Do you have what we’re looking for?

Then send in your résumé and headshot directly to Katharina Lips:,

For further information, please visit

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