Amber is looking to work with a male identifying performer to be apart of her latest immersive theatre work B O U N D.

B O U N D offers a truly memorable experience of grief, love and loss.
Discover your own pathway as you wonder round the raw and atmospheric five storey building Bargehouse.
Immerse yourself  in movement, artwork, music, and memories. Everybody’s  journey is unique, making this show a truly personal experience.

Where: Bargehouse, Southbank, London, UK

When: Rehearsals will be in July/August and performances from 22nd August – 7th September 2024

Deadline for applications: 5th June 2024

One of B O U N D’s nine story lines is ‘Therapy’. A 50 minute physical and vocal solo exploration of therapy session.

Rehearsal and creation will be lead by Amber Jarman-Crainey and several grief/ performance specialists, to help delve into the core of a future immersive theatre piece. Amber works in a fully collaborative way; devising, story telling and experimenting through a range of movement and acting.
Performer should be willing and curious to bare personal experiences, feelings and physical reactions to grief.

How to apply:
Please send the below information to
Subject line –
‘BOUND Casting’

What to include;
Intro and movement
2 minutes of improvisation building from your interpretation or experience of a therapy session. Remember the process of grief has multiple layers and stages that are constantly shifting with elements of light and shade. Voice and sound is encourage. Grief can be from a broken relationship, physical or mental passing. Open to all experiences and interpretations.

Contact details:
Contact details:

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