A five day Body Weather studio workshop on Improvisation with Frank van de Ven.

Where: Chisenhale Dance Space, 64-84 Chisenhale Rd, London E3 5QZ, UK

When: Monday 11 March until Friday 15 March 2019

Deadline for applications: 5 March, 2019

This five day Body Weather workshop will focus on improvisation from a Body Weather perspective. The days will be split into two halves;
Part A: 10h00 – 13h00 Body Weather training
Body Weather is a comprehensive approach to training and performance that investigates the intersections of bodies and their environments. Bodies are conceived not as fixed and separate entities but as constantly changing – just like the weather. Weather is seen as a complex system of forces and influences coursing through and beyond bodies and the world. As a training, Body Weather is of relevance to anyone interested in exploring the body and physical presence and this workshop is suited to dance, theatre & movement practitioners and artists of varied backgrounds.

Part B: 13h30 – 16h00
After a thorough training and work with a partner on breathing, stretching, alignment and the notion of ‘relaxation’ in the morning, we will delve into the particulars of improvisation in dance and movement. We’ll explore both physical and mental states of being and creating movement, improvise on non-existing scores, laugh at and say goodbye to prevalent habits and patterns and rustle up some new ones.

Musicians Frederic Rzewski and Steve Lacy: In 1968 I ran into Steve Lacy on the street in Rome. I took out my pocket tape recorder and asked him to describe in fifteen seconds the difference between composition and improvisation. He answered: “in fifteen seconds the difference between composition and improvisation is that in composition you have all the time you want to decide what to say in fifteen seconds, while in improvisation you have fifteen seconds”. (from Derek Bailey’s book “Improvisation”)

The term & philosophical basis for Body Weather was founded in the early1980’s by dancer Min Tanaka and further developed by Laboratories worldwide. Frank van de Ven was a member of Tanaka’s Maijuku Performance Company in Japan, from 1983-1991. With Katerina Bakatsaki he leads Body Weather Amsterdam, a platform for training and performance. He has an ongoing commitment to the Body/Landscape projects conducted worldwide and since 1995 he has led the annual, interdisciplinary Bohemiae Rosa Project with Milos Sejn (Academy Of Art and Design, Prague, Czech Republic), connecting body and landscape with art, geology and architecture.

To apply and register please contact Monique Hunt: monihunt@uktheatre.net.
Participants will be asked to send a short biog previous to the workshop.

Costs for participants:
Part A : £130 / Part B : £120 / Both
Parts A and B : £230 (students – unwaged £200)
Drop in morning or afternoon (afternoon only Monday or Tuesday): £30.

Contact details: Monique Hunt: monihunt@uktheatre. net

For further information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1965663676836371/

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