Body Tongue Light | winter intensive with Billie Hanne is a two-week transformative study in dance, speech and light.

Where: Berlin at Eden, Germany

When: 7-18 January

Deadline for applications: 6 January

This course investigates the nature of speech in relation to the dancing body. New concepts are introduced and through clear instruction, the dancer is able to align a word or a series of words with the intention of the movement. Here all dimensions of the imagination are united in the action so poetry occurs. Through investigating technical and compositional aspects each student is given the space to enrich his or her emotional, physical and artistic understanding of these two components: dance and speech. This is basic work.
Light mediates how the body in space is perceived. By revealing form, proportion and colour, it articulates the interior meaning of what is being expressed. Simply put a meeting of matter and energy takes place. To convey this moment with perspicacity one needs at times to be serious, at times to be playful. In doing so the performer creates not only further frames of perception but he or she also builds strength to surrender to more mystical qualities in the work.

BILLIE HANNE is dancer, choreographer, poet and teacher. Her creative practice extends from the experimental tradition and is consistently involved with rooting poetry in heart of the dance. Through radical handling of dance and speech, she creates instant choreographies, visceral works at the nexus of composition, improvisation, visual arts, dance and a new form of poetry. As an independent dance maker, she brings her work to different venues from underground studios to established theatres, to galleries and industrial sites. She has made a significant number of solos, directs pieces for her company Billie & Wheelgod, creates commissioned works and gratefully engages with musicians, visual artists, lighting designers and poets in collaborative setups.
Her knowledge and understanding of the body are fed by her artistic journey as well as her instructing classes and workshops in dance centres all over Europe. She is a passionate performer and teacher able to transmit her wide experience with zest.

overall benefits:

– lasting impact on how the body understands speech and movement
– making new pathways and stripping away unnecessary habits that hinder spontaneous composing
– deep stimulation of creative processes
– a fresh perspective on the dancing body
– strengthens the nervous system

→ for those wanting to enrich their performance skills, dancers, dance artists, choreographers, visual artists, poets and people with solid practice in another field are welcome
→ 10-18h Mon to Fri, no class in the weekend
→ Eden, Breitestrasse 43, Pankow, Berlin (Studio 300.EG)

(original photo by Patrick Beelaert)

To apply, send an email with a motivation + cv to

Costs for participants: 495€

For further information, please visit—billie-hanne.html

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