This format of Improvisation and Butoh dance-theater research developed by Adrien Gaumé aka Sidelaner in 2018 focus on distances (inner layers, representations, fear of silence, dependance, a need of myth figures for Motricity, unconscious archetype references) using the material of the adaptation of the short novel by Donald Barthelme entitled The Wound.

Where: Atelier für Physisches Theater, Berlin, Germany

When: 26, 27, 28, 29, 30/03 & 02, 03, 04, 05, 06/04

Deadline for applications: 17/03

In that text, available online in English, French, Spanish, Turkish & greek, the characters are faced to a momentum, somehow they have to accept their position and consider if they prefer to hold it or shift to another constellation.

Among the year, Adrien Gaumé aka Sidelaner, will perform a solo also based on that material entitled Phenowoundology, first release in Amsterdam during 2nd Butoh Festival the 16th of March.

The workshop itself combine two steps, first, an intensive, subtle and playful training from some Body Weather routine (Tanaka Min side of Butoh research of availability and equanimity tuning for neutral). Then, some guided explorations from patterns to images taken from the short novel by Donald Barthelme.

Furthermore, the research will also include some theatre of objects and voice work.

Open to any level, just required some commitment and attention to oneself and to the group.

from 13 : 00 to 17 : 00 > 40 hours

Requisit: unicolour change set clothes x2

Registration: through website, where you’ll also find text in the original version and few translations.

Thank you for your attention and meet you soon through dance, any spreading effort meanwhile much appreciated.

Costs for participants: Euros 240,-

Contact details:

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