We experience the narrative and expressive possibilities underlying each gesture in relation to images, perception and sound, moving from texts to body tales.

Where: DOCK 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin, Germany

When: December 10/11, 2022 / H 10 -16

Deadline for applications: No date, up to a maximum of 25 participants.

The work addresses instant composition technique by analysing movements in connection with space, time and voiced languages.

Through a physical work, we experience the narrative and the expressive possibilities underlying each gesture, in a working process that puts body and mind in relation to perception, images and sound, present moment and memories.

A deep listening brings clarity of choice and opens our perception to the narrative unravelling from the body. The use of voice and the sound of different languages offer access to memory and imagination.

We work on all these elements to defines a process where intuition on the moment can leads us into relation and creation. We will dance and compose, moving from speech texts to body tales.

Based on recent research, the work will make use of texts by contemporary authors and poets, each one is welcome to bring their own text of choice.

W. Stefania Petracca and the singer and composer Marialuisa Capurso.

Work schedule: H 10-16, 5 hours per day, including a short break

How to register:
Write to: petraxstef@gmail.com
or RSPV to: https://www.stefaniapetracca.com/event-details/body-narratives

Costs for participants: 120€ (till 2nd of December) – 140€ (full price)

Contact details:
Stefania Petracca Dance,

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