Body-Mind Centering® Morning Classes- Senses and Perception

Where: Bains Connective, Brussels, Belgium

When: 19-23 June 2017 / 10:00-12:00

Our senses allow us to perceive multi-faced information that unfold from our external and internal environments. With sensitivity, awareness, observation, interpretation, and choice, we engage in an ever-evolving relational dance of becoming

In these morning classes we will take a colourful journey to the lakes of our eyes and the labyrinth of our inner ear. Improvise inside our silky, permeable skin- envelop, and let taste and smell lead the way.

We will go throw developmental processes, dance, somatization, vocalisation, anatomy and physiology, hands-on and contact improvisation. We will tune in to different realms of reality to play with our perception of self, others and surrounding.
I don’t know where we get to or what we will discover…

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How to apply:

Or register as you arrive to the studio.

Join the whole week- 50 Euro
Drop in single classes- 11 Euro

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