Body-Mind Centering®: Fluids, Organs and Senses Workshop with Ayelet Yekutiel​

Where: Ponderosa Movement & Discovery, Germany

When: 24-28 of July

Organs, in their diverse tissues, characteristics, stories and functions, manifest the complex, collaborative dance that continuously brings us to life. Fluids, connect us to that which flows inside us, inviting movement with, in, and from the ongoing stream of malleable transformations. Our senses allow us to perceive information unfolding from our external and internal environments.

With sensed awareness, observation, interpretation, and choice, we engage in an ever-evolving relational dance of becoming.In this workshop we will play with the abundant resources of qualities, rhythms, and live images emanating from the body’s liquid-organic world, exploring the embodied relationship between our senses, fluids and organs.

Through improvisation, developmental processes, somatization, vocalisation, anatomy and physiology, hands-on and contact we will tune into the spaces of respiration, digestion, circulation, pulsation and processing in order to explore in the depth of exchange between environmental influence and personal creative expression.

​Time: 24-28.07.2017 from 15:30-19:30 ​

Ayelet Yekutiel
Born in Jerusalem and based in Brussels, Ayelet Yekutiel graduated from The Experimental High School in Theatre and Visual Art​ Departments, before pursuing her dance studies at ‘SEAD’​- Salzburg, and P.O.R.C.H, Ponderosa, and choreography studies in ‘Kelim’​, Bat-Yam. She is a certified ‘Somatic Movement Educator’ of Body-Mind Centering®, and a teacher-candidate of Axis Syllabus.

Her performances engage Dream diving, Nomadic practices, Unleashed political realities and Somatic journeys. She researches sensation-image-sensation loops, and the invisible-that shapes-visible through science, embodiment and imagination.Ayelet has worked as a creative dancer and performer for dance and theatre companies and freelance artists in Israel, India and Europe, and is a founding member of ‘Augustine Collective’ – Ongoing work since 2013. Since 2011 she creates alone and in collaborations, performing her work internationally. Among her collaborators are Lina Hoehne, Marcio Canabarro, Khaled Barghouthi, Daphna Horenczyk, Nitzan Lederman, Or avishay, Marie andersson, Clea Onori, Birgitte Lundtoft, Nelle Hens, Benjamin Vandewalle and Mike Schmid.

Workshop address: ​

Ponderosa e.V.
Gutshof 3
16248 Lunow-Stolzenhagen

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