Body-Mind Centering™ – Die Lichter der Drüsen with Lambrini Konstantinou – 4 Days Workshop in the frame of WinterTanz 2022/23.

Where: Tanzfabrik Berlin Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

When: 27.-30.12.2022 // 18:00-21:00

Deadline for applications: 27.12.2022

The human body is a complex system in that there are two control or organ systems that coordinate all body functions. The nervous system, with a fast, targeted transmission of information to all the cells of the body, is the main system of electrical control of the body. And the hormonal system, with a slow transmission of information via the blood, working through the endocrine glands, is the main system of chemical control of the body and closely linked to the nervous system. Their secretions are released directly into the blood stream and their balance or imbalance affects all the cells of our body. In this workshop we will explore these systems and how they interrelate, influence and support each other. Through movement, anatomical illustration, hands-on, partner work and dance we will experience a holistic experience that will enrich us.

The workshop will be held in German spoken language, follow-up questions for clarification needs can also be asked in Greek and English.

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