“Body, Identity, Society” is: 10 dance techniques + 10 relaxation & healing techniques + 5 martial art techniques + 4 flow toy techniques + 3 creations with guest choreographers + 6 public performances + Many interdisciplinary art practices (Dj & Mixing, Zine making, Body Painting…)

Where: Budapest, Hungary

When: Module 1: “Body” (2023 Aug. 7 > 2023 Oct. 20) / Module 2: “Identity” (2023 Oct. 30 > 2024 Jan. 26) / Module 3: “Society” (2024 Feb. 5 > 2024 Apr. 26)

Deadline for applications: Ongoing

“Body, Identity, Society” is:
– 3 modules: Body (Module 1), Identity (Module 2), Society (Module 3)
– A full-time program you can attend for either 3, 6 or 9 months
– 19 international “unlearning facilitators”
– 10 dance techniques: Ndombolo (Congo), Azonto (Ghana), Afro House (Angola), Amapiano (South Africa), Naija Street Styles (Nigeria), Funk carioca (twerk), Contemporary / Improvisation, Release, Fusion Bellydance, Waacking
– 10 relaxation, grounding & healing techniques: Qi-gong, Tai Chi, Guided Yoga, Breathing techniques, Guided Meditation, Guided Hypnosis, Psychomagic act, Collective singing, Moongoddess & Dragonbreath Method, Shiatsu Japanese Massage
– 5 martial art techniques: Kung Fu (Chinese martial arts), Play Fight, Self-defense, Kalaripayattu (Indian martial art), Budo (Japanese martial art)
– 4 flow toy techniques: 3 ball juggling, Staff spinning, Hula hooping, Poi spinning
– 3 creations with guest choreographers
– 3 personal creations with public showcase
– Interdisciplinary art practices: Dj & Mixing, Sound & Field recording, Zine making, Weaving, Body Painting
– Public space performances, Lecture performances, Community rituals

“Body, Identity, Society” is a full time program you can attend for either 3, 6 or 9 months. It was designed for you, if you want to prepare, nourish or develop a professional career on the intersection of creation, connection, and community:
– make live art (dance, perform, choreograph, find your authentic artistic language, choreographic vocabulary, personal aesthetic…) ;
– create experiences (immersive rituals, multi-sensory ceremonies, interactive dispositives…) ;
– hold spaces (design “rooms”, develop your own method, write your creative or healing exercises, create your authentic practice…) ;
​- build communities (around events, workshops, performances, multi-sensory experiences, rituals, ceremonies, collaborations, festivities…).​​

​The educational path is built on three modules (“Body”, “Identity”, “Society”), each 3 months long, and articulated around different approaches (Theory, Practice, Dance Technique, Martial Art, Research, Creation Project, Wellbeing, Community…). In form of thematic workshops, creations, studio times, lectures, community activities, ceremonies, celebrations, performances, conversations, presentations, well-being times, research labs, dancing jams, public space interventions, and many more, students will be guided by a beautifully international and cross-cultural team, composed of artists, authors, makers, creators, curators, choreographers, musicians, DJs, scholars, healers, witches, and cultural activists.

To apply, visit https://www.schoolofdisobedience.org/body-identity-society.html

Costs for participants: 1 module (3 months): 1800 € / 2 modules (6 months): 2800 € / full year (9 months): 3800 €

Contact details:
School of Disobedience

For further information, please visit https://instagram.com/school_of_disobedience

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