BMC® – Moving between Fluids with Ka Rustler, in the frame of Virtual Workshop Series.

Where: Online // Tanzfabrik Berlin Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

When: 20. & 27.6. & 4.7.20 // 11:00-13:00

Deadline for applications: 20.6.20, 11AM

An embodied exploration into a fluid matrix

In these last weeks we are captivated by the dimension of grinding halts, range of flexibility, adjustments and change of speed. This asks for transition, transformation and recollection. Qualities inherent in the organism that we call our body. Through this series Ka Rustler wants to share her research on the dynamics and cycles of the fluids in our bodies and how they can support us in these challenging times. How we move between liquid states resonates, vibrates and pulsates with our life experience. Like in society, multicellular organizations merge individual autonomy with social interaction. Moving between our liquid states we resonate with our life experience remembering the fluid support from the cellular to the global. Let’s vibrate and dance together!

Dates: Sa 20.6. + Sa 27.6. + Sa 4.7.2020

20.6. Bone Marrow & Mitochondria
The Bone Marrow is the primary site of producing white and red blood cells. And therefore it plays an important balancing role for our immune system. We move from bone and its marrow exploring their fluid paths.

27.6. Cells & Cytokine
Life on this planet vibrates and pulsates around a basic unit of cells. Taking in or leaving out, all cells communicate along their membranes. Through hands-on and movement we dive into spaces and layers.

4.7. Tubes & Tissues
While the circulatory system works on different time scales, it corresponds to the webbing of the surrounding tissues as a living, responsive network. We will embody and move from various streaming structures expanding them into a flowing form.

Ka Rustler creates, performs and shares her research and teachings in an international circuit. As a pioneer in the field of improvisation and dance she has been a collective member of Tanzfabrik Berlin, co-author of multi – layered productions and performs with numerous artists framing social contexts theoretically situated within feminist understandings of embodied subjectivity. She is a Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner & Teacher including somatic psychotherapy, applications and methods derived from other somatic systems and their relevance in movement & artistic research, choreographic exploration and embodiment.

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