How is it to dance blind? Can we dance blind and still see everything that is happening around us?
Blind Constant Movement – Dance Workshop is for transferring the important knowledge that comes through the blind dance. Dancing blind is extremely difficult, as we lose specific abilities, like balance and spatial awareness. The more we train, the more we gain again the ability to sense the environment through other ways.

Where: Bisschop Bekkerslaan 263, Tilburg, The Netherlands

When: Saturday 24 November 2018 // 12:00 – 15:00

Deadline for applications:
23 November 2018

Through a highly physical work and specific tasks, we will challenge ourselves to overcome limitations and go to unexplored territory. We will balance, walk, explore the environment, we will go to high physical movement and we will train ourselves to be able to transform the fast speed to soft so as to dance safely altogether.

By dancing blind we can easily connect with ourselves but we will try to expand our ability to connect with the others around us at the same time.

After the workshop, and if the weather conditions allow us, we will go to a blind walk and movement exploration in the city.

*This workshop is connected with the performance HEAR me to SEE you, where we (Xavier Geerman, composer and Vicky Angelidou, choreographer) explore a new way of connecting with each other and with the audience, by being deaf and blind.

*Music background composed by Xavier Geerman.


To register for the workshop, send an email with your name and telephone to

Costs for participants:
COST Donation Box at the end of the class Level: The workshop is open for everybody. We will especially welcome people with visual impairment. *All raised money from the workshop will go to support the artistic research and performance “HEAR me to SEE you”.

Vicky Angelidou (GR) is a dancer, choreographer and dance educator, based in between Netherlands and Greece, promoting with a full heart the love for learning and creating through movement. She holds a Bachelor’s degree both in Psychology and Dance and she holds an MA in “Performing Public Space”. She is researching movement in and out of the studio as she travels in various cities with the project “Move the Public Space”. She teaches contemporary dance technique and improvisation in several dance schools and studios and she educates dancers through intensive workshops. Through her teaching she supports equality, by giving attention to all participants to develop their skills, even more, she gives challenging tasks as a way to break the limitations that hold them back, she creates a trustful and safe environment for personal reflection and she tries to unite the group so as to support each other in the learning process. She keeps on training herself mainly in Passing Through and Flying Low technique with David Zambrano, and lately, she attended the EXIN one month intensive in Corfu, Greece. She is also influenced by the work of Depth Movement, from Edivaldo Ernesto, by Gaga (Ohad Naharin), and several other compositional practices that through the years shaped her way of moving and thinking.

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