A global cross-sector mentoring programme with a proven track record in supporting future leaders to grow and develop alongside creating change and supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Where: United Kingdom

When: 2022

Deadline for applications: 5pm, Wednesday 14th September 2022

This programme matches current and former professional dancers with business leaders from under-represented groups and their allies, in a mentoring relationship to broaden your horizons and explore your next steps.

DCD invite applications from current or former dancers looking for a supportive and confidential environment in which to discuss and think through issues regarding their careers, and gain a fresh, new perspective of managing their career progression, work-life balance and growth.

All successful applications will be provided with 1-1 valuable support which operates ‘cross-sector’, enabling dancers to be matched with a mentor from outside the world of dance.

For more information and to apply, please visit Beyond Dance Mentoring – Dancers Career Development (thedcd.org.uk)

Free for participants.

Contact details: dancers@thedcd.org.uk

For further information, please visit https://thedcd.org.uk/dancers/beyond-dance/

For more OPEN CALLS, please visit https://dancingopportunities.com/category/open-calls/