Bestias Danzantes is a dance Film Festival that seeks to open spaces for diverse and delightful dance films, in short format, creating an exhibition platform, where all are invited to explore, experience and enjoy!

All dancers, choreographers, filmmakers, audiovisual artists, creatives, artists, professionals and students, are invited to submit their Dance films, Video dance works, and be part of Bestias Danzantes Dance Film Festival 2016!

Where: Diana Centro Cultural, Santiago, Chile

When: 4th to 6th of November, 2016

The winning films, will circulate and travel in Santiago, Regions and across the globe through our network of national and international partners, among other prizes and surprises!

We are super excited and curious to see your dance films!

Welcome to Bestias Danzantes 2016!

Bestias Danzantes Dance Film Festival is an exhibition, circulation and experimentation platform for dance films, and a meeting and exchange spot, promoting collaboration and reflection; while fostering knowledge transfer for dance film development and for collective inspiration!

Our Co-presenters and collaborator partners are Loikka Dance Film Festival (Finland), Bucharest International Dance Film Festival (Romania), ScreenDance Festival (Sweden), San Francisco Dance Film Festival (United States) and Pool Internationales TanzFilmFestival (Germany)

Deadline for application: August 14, 2016

How to apply

All Dance films, of any style, between 1 minute and 15 minutes in length will be considered and welcomed!

Dance performance recordings are excluded from this call.

We love mixtures, so, dance films crossing over other disciplines such as music, fashion, design and architecture are welcome too.

We want to be surprised, for boundaries to be exceeded, we want creators to dare to play, to explore, and for new possibilities to open in this genre. We want to feel inspired!


The submissions for Bestias Danzantes Dance film Festival is online via Filmfreeway platform, where you can submit your film in a simple and easy way.

Please be aware of our guidelines:


? Participants must be at least 18 years old to apply

? Films must have a production date of 2012 or later.

? A preview link (vimeo, youtube or web page) to the film must be included in your submission, to be seen by the jury.

? We ask you to include in your application, the credits associated to the entire creative team, including choreographers, dancers and dance company, if applicable. We want to visualize all the crew and work behind your film!

? Student filmmakers must include a current, valid student ID or proof of enrollment with your submission (School or University)

Direct link for submission process description:!opencall/f5gp1

Direct link for the application:

Costs: No Fee

For further questions and other information, please feel free to contact us to

Discover, immerse yourself, share and be part of our movement!