How do you perform and improvise dances in relationship to light, sound & costume?

Where: Dau al Sec Theatre, Barcelona, Spain.

When: 14th & 15th May

Deadline for applications: 13th May 2022

Last Days to register in our first Lab of the year. Just one week before releasing our 2nd and bombastic Festival, we are going to train and study hard and tasty in a full weekend Laboratory.
We have Special Price Combos to attend both events (the Lab + the Festival) to fully dance and witness SLMFV’s power with your own body.
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SLMFV’S LABS are the context to research and practice performing tools which, according to our point of View, enrich and enable performers to improvise on stage, without any rehearsal or script. We share our study inside Dance & Instant Composition fields: a practice to devolpe, technically and globally, the sense of “presence” required to create performing art pieces in real time. We believe this “presence” is, in another words, a state of availability, of creative responsability, of physical power and performing risk, that anybody, everybody, specially performing artists of any kind, should train and work. We put a special focus in the relationship of the bodies and their dances with all the other elements co-living on stage: light, sound, space, costume, and specially: the public.

Any person interesed in Performing Arts, Dance and Improvisación, specially students and professionals, are welcome to join our Labs.

Si Los Martes Fueran Viernes is a production House specialized in Dance, Instant Composition & Performing Arts. Born in 2018 in Barcelona by a little group of female, migrant dance artists, SLMFV has been developing a community of professional improvisers, providing space and visibility to this underground culture, all in a self-sufficient and sustainable way.

More than 20 productions without any external support, more than 130 guest-artists from different disciplines, both local and international, had passed through SLMFV’s House, in collaboration with more than 12 relevant cultural centres from Barcelona, Spain and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Costs for participants: 90

Contact details:
Barcelona, Spain

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