Residency intended for scenic art’s research. BAAL offers artistic residencies to develop either research and reflecting projects (that may be unbound to any production) or projects aimed at producing a life arts performance.

For each case depending on each project, we will offer a customised package.

There is the possibility of arranging external expert support.

Where: Baal recerca, Palma, Spain

When: Any time. Ask for dates.

Development of projects for reflecting / planning and/or researching (linked or not to a production), or production projects.
For every project, a customized package will be planned.
Among all residencies, every year we will try to host three projects linked to infantile audiences.

Payment defined per time and project requirements (detailed in the application form).
– The fee can be diminished by offering workshops and/or a show.

Provoke new discourses in scenic creation beyond normativity.
Promote creation and the exchange between artists with similar concerns. Enhance the local cultural fabric.

• Being of legal age.
• Having at least two years of professional experience.
• Fill out the google form (see below).
• Incomplete forms will not be considered!
• The application must be submitted at least two months before starting the residency.

To apply, fill out this form:

Costs for participants: 1 week 250€, 2 weeks 475€, 3 weeks 625€, 4 weeks 750€

Contact details: Catalina Carrasco & Gaspar Morey
Facebook: Cia.Baal
Twitter: Cia_Baal

For further information, please visit

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