b12 – the festival for contemporary dance and performance art in berlin 2020

where: berlin, germany

when: 29th of june – 26th of july

tamara gvozdavonic former dancer with peeping tom / fleur darkin / felix landerer artistic director and choreographer of landerer & company / rootlessroot / victor quijada rubberband / ben wright previous artistic co-director at candoco dance company / former associate director at skanes dansteater / shannon gillen  vim vigor / chrysanthi badeka / tom weksler & roser tutusaus / guy nader & maria campos gn|mc / francisco córdova physical momentum project / akira yoshida / ella rothschild former dancer with batsheva dance company / inbal pinto & avshalom pollak dance company / dancer with crystal pite/kidd pivot / fabian wixe dansinititativet / obra theatre company / florian hoffmeier / jarkko mandelin & oskari turpeinen kinetic orchestra / kenan dinkelmann / lali ayguadé former dancer with akram khan / luke jessop ion tribe / former dancer of ultima vez / nadine gerspacher / annamari keskinen & ryan mason thar be dragons / thomas hauert zoo / thusnelda mercy & pascal merighi former dancer with tanztheater wuppertal pina bausch / sasha waltz & guests / christina mertzani / jos baker peeping tom / erik elizondo & dimitri kalaitzidis los little guys / carlos aller & marco di nardo & diego de la rosa & juan tirado frantics / kristina alleyne alleyne dance / winston reynolds microbatics & agility / marion sparber & alan fuentes guerra founders of shared levitation / jone san martin astigarraga former dancer with the forsythe company / alexandros anastasiadis & patricia hastewell la otra familia / luca ghedini johannes wieland / punchdrunk / orlando seale / guy nader gn|mc / sarah cerneaux former dancer with akram khan company / safet mistele / vittoria de ferrari sapetto former dancer with jan fabre / sidi larbi cherkaoui / damien jalet / lenka vagnerová / adrienn hód hódworks / tom weinberger former dancer with batsheva dance company / marion sparber / victoria p. miranda / sam coren former dancer with hofesh shechter/jasmin vardimon / lewis wilkins former dancer with scottish dance theatre / mata sakka / virginia garcía and damián muñoz la intrusa / michael langeneckert / sabastian zuber dancer with johannes wieland / judith sánchez ruíz jsrcompany / alexander vantournhout / helder seabra former dancer with wim vandekeybus / sidi larbi cherkaoui / leila mcmillan / mafalda deville opuntia dance co. / former dancer with jasmin vardimon co. / lucía toker / laja field & martin durov lajamartin / guilhem chatir former dancer with wim vandekeybus / yoann bourgeois / akram khan / csaba varga anton lachky company / guy nader & maria campos / cie linga / ami shulman former dancer with compagnie marie chouinard / dor mamalia & dariusz nowak human fields / mattef kuhlmey / rob hayden former dancer with wim vandekeybus/ultima vez / zoe gyssler / niv melamed dancer with johannes wieland / tom weksler / wong choi si & mao wei mw dance theatre / julian barnett / rossella canciello / franziska rosenzweig former dancer with deutsche staatsoper berlin, the peter schaufuss ballet, founder of holistic ballet® / camilla brogaard / marko fonseca los innato / shamel pitts batsheva dance company / lev dance / oleg stepanov current dancer in tanztheater pina bausch / former dancer in goteborg dance company / olivia ancona former dancer with batsheva dance company and sharon eyal l-e-v / shafiki sseggayi dancer with johannes wieland / jaamil olawale kosoko & troels primdahl / stella zannou smackdance / natalia pieczuro fighting monkey / victor rottier dancer with johannes wieland / maëva berthelot former dancer with hofesh shechter / johannes wieland & scotty hardwig

deadline for applications: various dates please visit www.b12.space

how to apply: please visit www.b12.space

costs: various costs, please visit www.b12.space

contact details: info@b12.space

research or die.

b12 is celebrating again the absence of boredom! you can experience an incredible four weeks this coming summer from june 29th through july 26th, filled with workshops and performances. we facilitate a professional platform for performers to work with and learn from an extensive array of sought after artists from all over the world, sharing their knowledge in a stunning studio environment. while advocating for the field of contemporary dance and performance art, b12 is putting the unconventional in power and is dedicated to nurturing artists who are taking physical and emotional risks on and off stage.

utopia at b12

a large array of approaches awaits you. don’t be intimidated by the choices. all the teachers we feature are quite amazing in their very own unique way. there is everything to dive into: from film to text to movement to acrobatics to theatrical to experimental to the unexpected and to the futuristic.

multiverses at b12

the elongated workshop times give you a chance to deepen your journey in search of artistic growth, and we welcome you to choose from over 80 workshops and research experts. is there anything left to say? maybe that here at b12 you become part of a curious community that cares about the untold. whether it’s cerebral or physical or everything in-between – including the daily free-of-charge ashtanga vinyasa yoga classes, the four free-of-charge no leader improvisation jams and our final b12 party towards the end of the festival – your stay in berlin will give you an experience you will never forget!

reach out at b12 

this year b12 is organizing social events for you to connect with your peers and with the hidden treasures of berlin. please subscribe to our newsletter for updates! apart from our professional workshops, we invite anyone and everyone to our outreach workshops for the general community. in these workshops you will develop an understanding of body language, self esteem, teamwork – and find your inner dancer.