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b12 – the festival for contemporary dance and performance art in berlin 2022 – is here to bring a new release to the ever growing power inside of you! this summer, you can experience an incredible four weeks running throughout the month of july, filled with workshops, performances and other exciting projects. though the b12 summer festival is our main event and flagship, you can also check out our latest, week-long spring and fall satellite programs.

Where: berlin, germany

When: 1st – 31st of july 2022

Deadline for applications: various dates please visit: https://b12.space/opener

b12 summer – the festival for contemporary dance and performance art in berlin 2022

tom weksler & roser tutusaus artistic directors of wonderground company laja field lajamartin kenan dinkelmann natalia pieczuro fm instructor | currently working for voetvolk – lisbeth gruwez camilla brogaard ella rothschild former dancer with the batsheva dance company / inbal pinto & avshalom pollak dance company | currently dancing with kidd pivot arias fernández om rasa nadine gerspacher cia nadine gerspacher | former dancer of dave st. pierre company montreal sam coren choreographer | former dancer with hofesh shechter / jasmin vardimon / clod ensemble tamara gvozdenovic le facteur jos baker trodden dreams sebastian zuber johannes wieland mind eraser | johannes wieland christina mertzani victor rottier former dancer & rehearsal director with johannes wieland akira yoshida former dancer with lali ayguadé co / roberto oliván performing arts james finnemore former dancer with hofesh shechter company | former dancer and rehearsal director with punchdrunk jarkko mandelin & oskari turpeinen kinetic orchestra marko fonseca los innato adrienn hód hodworks annamari keskinen & ryan mason thar be dragons seifeddine manai brotha from another motha zoe gyssler johannes wieland sarah cerneaux former dancer with akram khan company safet mistele former dancer with johannes wieland pau aran oleg stepanov dancer in tanztheater wuppertal pina bausch | former dancer in gothenburg dance company james vu anh pham horacio macuacua david zambrano / thomas hauert / ultima vez adam khazhmuradov dancer with hofesh shechter company victoria p. miranda the colectivo leila mcmillan scott jennings former dancer with tanztheater wuppertal pina bausch paul davies dancer with van huyn co / etta ermini dance theatre / tangled dance / barnaby booth dance | former dancer with kapow dancer lea ved nederlands dans theater / royal swedish ballet / rubberbandance group winston reynolds ferus animi // terra nova orlando seale meimouna coffi former dancer with johannes wieland | freelance singer and dancer lali ayguadé akram khan / hofesh shechter / marcos morau / baró d’ evel / lali ayguadé company fabian thomé dancer, choreographer and director of full time company alexandros el greco dancer with ultima vez / la otra familia pin-chieh chen & rob mcneil johannes wieland / ann van den broek / punchdrunk marion castaillet naïf production / brotha from another motha / chatha company / la boda del lobo olivia ancona member of winter guests | former dancer with sharon eyal l-e-v maria colusi former dancer with sasha waltz & guests matan zamir and gal naor the progressive wave lukas malkowski julio césar iglesias julio césar iglesias ungo rossella canciello ami shulman former dancer with compagnie marie chouinard vladyslav nicolas les ballets c de la b tom weksler founder of movement archery | co-artistic director of wonderground company dor mamalia & dariusz nowak davide bonetti acrodancer lucio a. baglivo artistic director of lucio a. baglivo lab projects csaba varga jone san martin astigarraga & mikel r. nieto dance on ensemble / the forsythe company erik elizondo & dimitri kalaitzidis los little guys vittoria de ferrari sapetto former dancer for damien jalet / sidi larbi cherkaoui / jan fabre / akram khan evangelos poulinas antonin rioche former dancer with olivier dubois / sidi larbi cherkaoui / sasha waltz | choreographer for funny people aladino rivera director & choreographer of the company inside the body / dancer with sasha waltz & guests jefta tanate nuhacet guerra former dancer with ultima vez marion sparber & alan fuentes guerra founders of shared levitation lucía toker franziska rosenzweig former dancer with deutsche staatsoper berlin unter den linden / the peter schaufuss ballet evangelos poulinas marion sparber co-founder of shared levitation florian hoffmeier jone san martin astigarraga dance on ensemble / the forsythe company mattef kuhlmey fabian wixe cie h.m.g / obra theatre / dansinitiativet yuya fujinami sasha waltz & guests / constanza macras/dorkypark niv melamed dancer with johannes wieland daniele di felice cree barnett williams performer with johannes wieland & marina mascarelli shafiki sseggayi former dancer with johannes wieland | company dancer with tanz kassel guy nader & maria campos gn|mc tomislav afiyan-english & tina afiyan-breiova ferus animi // terra nova chrysanthi badeka møz marijke eliasberg scholar of grandmaster william c. c. chen in nyc mata sakka dancer with sasha waltz & guests

welcome to b12

b12 is devoted to curating controversial performances and hosting different types of performance approaches, which are open to be watched by everyone interested:

asteroids: the performance projects choreographers’ list for b12 summer 2022, the dates and the application process will be released in march 2022. we will have a great line-up of new artists ready to create a piece with you.

sungrazers: we invite three artists, who are teaching at the b12 festival, who will present two existing evening-length pieces at dock 11. a fee is required for these shows.

these performances will take place from the 19th, 20th, 21st, 23rd and the 24th of july 2022.

critical mass: an informal studio showing of pieces, created by and performed by the teachers / choreographers.

these showings will take place at eden on the 4th, 8th, 12th, 22nd and 25th of july 2022. free of charge!

luminous flux: here you can enjoy two inspiring and curated, dance-on-camera, short film screenings at eden, beginning at 11pm

the screenings will be shown on the 10th and 26th of july 2022. free of charge!
we also have brand new formats this year:

spin: these are 360 degree sittings / arena type performances, by b12 teachers and choreographers, which will take place in the big studio of eden beginning at 11pm. a small contribution towards expenses is required for these shows.

this will take place on the 7th, 11th and 13th of july 2022.

free radicals: a selection of pieces from b12 participants that will be shown at b12 at eden, beginning at 11pm. a talk back will round up the experience!

the showings will take place on the 2nd, 15th and 29th of july 2022. free of charge!

space invaders: we will be showing the videos which have not been featured on facebook or instagram, but that we believe are worthwhile to be shared again at b12. they will be screening at eden, beginning at 11pm, free of charge!

you can enjoy this screening on the 6th of july 2022. free of charge!

mentoring: new, fueled workshops which, with the participants, are focussed on tackling a certain issue. the times for these workshops will vary and will take place at eden.

we will bring back no leader impro sessions if corona allows it. this would be improvisation sessions, open to b12 participants and their friends.

side note: tickets for the asteroids and sungrazers performances are limited, so you should make sure to book as soon as each premier and performance is announced.

b12’s school of thoughts
we encourage mental exchange on different topics and are excited to see discussions unfold. for that purpose, we have developed two different formats that participants, and anyone who is interested, are invited to be a part of:

deep space: come, listen to, and discuss with invited artists and theorists, as they share their thoughts on this year’s topic of intersectionality. this panel discussion happens three times during b12. for more information on this please go here.

this event will take place at eden on the 5th, 14th and 28th of july.

reflect at critical mass: many of you were asking if after some of our critical mass performances, we could add a moderated discussion with the artists. now this has been added and it is open for all to participate in and reflect on the pieces that have been performed by the artists!

in the 4th, 8th, 12th, 22nd and on the 25th of juli 2022 im eden. free of charge!

to see performances or follow discussions at the b12 festival, you don’t need to take workshops – everybody is welcome!

b12 sustainability

b12 has been committed to sustainability ever since we started. here is what we do and what you can do:

b12 is part of a donation program to plant trees around the world – this year we will match the number of participants at b12 with trees: b12 is donating two trees for each participant who comes to berlin! this year we chose three locations: brazil, tanzania and madagascar.

we are hopeful and want to contribute to a sustainable world. if you like the idea of reforestation please consider donating as well.

we promote a plastic-free environment here at b12, asking everybody not to use or bring single-use plastic bottles, plastic cutlery, or plastic dishes. at the venue, you can find a cafe with vegetarian food and drinks – with sustainable tableware, as well as very good tap water to fill up your reusable water bottle.

when traveling from another country to b12, please consider the train instead of the plane. when traveling within berlin, please consider using a bike or taking public transport.

we are bringing artists from all over the world and we aim to minimize the number of flights for each teacher as much as possible. we bring one teacher to many participants instead of the other way around – saving a lot of energy and kerosine.

we decreased our printed promotional material for b12 to only two items! everything else is shared online. we are working in a mobile office, sharing resources as much as we can.

we are holding the festival in the summer, having literally no heating emissions and using very little electricity, trying to make use of daylight as much as possible.

we offer an online format called “planet b12” throughout the year. we connect you with your favourite teachers and artists while saving on travel and accommodation = saving energy

we produce only fair trade and eco-friendly t-shirts and hoodies for our participants and teachers!

To register, please visit: https://b12.space/application/how-to-apply

Costs for participants: various costs, please visit: https://b12.space/application/workshop-prices

Contact details: you@b12.space

For further information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/b12.berlin

For more dance INTENSIVES, visit https://dancingopportunities.com/category/dance-intensives/