OffCenter Center / ASymmetries mixed level Axis Syllabus intensive taught by Frey Faust.

The Center of Gravity migrates. Sometimes the Center is outside your body. The Center of the Body is (not) where you think it is.

Webbing, tubes, bags, braces and slippery half fused suits… interconnectedness, gravity and hydraulics… biological alignment is different than a straight line.

Moderation allows infinite choices for accent acceleration and vector, rather than restricting them. Asymmetry, the reason for twisting arcs and spirals, is the rule in the human body-plan and locomotive paradigm, but asymmetry can become symmetrical through repetition. Asymmetry can become symmetry when it is reflective, chronological, reverse and through simultaneous, alternating bi-lateral action.

These concepts express themselves in and out of contact with other dancers.

Let me show you what I mean…
see you soon!

Where: Burdąg – Space for Performing Arts:, Poland.

When: 30th of May to 3rd of June 2018


Frey Faust is a 56-year-old veteran of the New York contemporary dance scene, with a strong European renommée and intercontinental touring circuit. His focus for the last twenty years has shifted to the educational value of applied science in the arts, with an emphasis on anatomy and physics, including aspects of sociology and cognitive science. He consolidated the interdisciplinary movement analysis and reference system called The Axis Syllabus (AS) in the late 1990’s.

This is an invitation for a four-day intensive workshop — an opportunity to dive-deep into your body.

The workshop is intended for professional dancers and movers from different backgrounds and takes place in a cozy guesthouse in Poland’s lake district.

We are having a very nice group already signed up, ONLY A FEW PLACES LEFT.

A beautiful studio surrounded by forests, lakes and meadows located in north-eastern Poland, a three-hour drive from the capital Warsaw.

Cheap flights to Warsaw with Wizzair or Ryanair.

Accommodation in smaller (4 people) rooms or in a bigger, 8 person dorm. Stay in your own tent is possible.

Participants can arrive after 6 pm on the 30th of May. There will be dinner, and then the studio will be open for an evening Jam.

The workshop starts on Thursday 31st in the morning and finishes with the morning class and lunch on Sunday 3rd of June.

Before and after the classes, you may use the studio for your own movement exploration/needs.

Costs for participants:
Price includes workshop, the full board of home-made vegetarian food and accommodation:

Early bird registration before 30th of March: 220-260 Euro (depending on the type of accommodation).

This price applies, when you pay a non-refundable deposit of 300 PLN (or 75 EUR) before 30th of March.

Registration after 30th of March: 260-295 Euro.

Deposit: a non-refundable deposit of 300 PLN (or 75 EUR) maximum 7 days after your registration is confirmed. Your place in the workshop is guaranteed only after paying the deposit.

The rest of the participation fee should be paid before the 15th of May.

Contact details:
Ksenia Opria,

For further information, please visit

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