Awaji Art Circus 2018 – Call for Performing Artists (Japan)

Disciplines: Circus, Dance, Music & Sound, Theater.

Location: Awaji, Hyogo, Japan

Deadline for applications: 11 PM (Japanese time) on May 6 (Sun), 2018.

Duration: September 12 (Wed)~October 17 (Wed), 2018

Eligibility: 1) Previous AAC participants can apply on a regular basis. In case of being chosen for AAC 2018, they will be asked to do some extra work as a support staff for additional payment.

2) All genres of performing arts such as street performance, bodily expression, musical instrument performance, singing, live painting, dance, different circus disciplines (except all aerials acts, work with Chinese pole, tightrope walking, teeterboard, work with fire, performances which require perfectly flat surface) etc. Artists who are willing to break the barriers of existing genres as well as artists with interactive performances are welcome.

3) Non-Japanese citizens only

4) Over 18 years old.

5) Both professionals/amateurs, groups (participating member shall be three maximum) and individuals.

6) Artists who can adjust their performance to suit any performance venue.

7) Artists who are willing to write daily about Awaji Island as well as their everyday experience and performance etc. on a blog, SNS etc.

Support: A) Performance fee: 200,000 yen (after tax)

  1. B) Transportation cost: we will cover your two-way economy class air ticket from your nearest airport to Kansai International Airport. Artist is expected to book and buy the airline tickets by himself/herself. The Organizer will reimburse travelling costs and pay in cash at the beginning of the Festival, based on the airline ticket information and a boarding pass provided by the Artist.
  2. C) Meal: Breakfast and dinner will be provided. Other meals should be individually prepared by the artist.
  3. D) Accommodation (facility with natural surroundings designated by the Organizer) *rooms for 3-4 people
  4. E) Support staff
  5. F) Traveler’s insurance

Costs: Costs for Lunch etc…

Program Description:

・What is AAC?:
Awaji Art Circus (AAC) is an international performing arts festival held annually since 2015 which is based in Awaji Island, considered as the Island of Japan’s Origin. Artists gather on Awaji Island from around the world and perform for about one month at multiple venues, schools and local events on the Island, as well as enjoy the history and nature of Awaji Island, experience its traditional culture and share the appeal of Awaji Island and Japan with the world.

A) Perform
*Five days a week for AAC.
**As a standard, performance frequency will be around two/three times a day. Exceptions may be allowed upon consideration by the organizer of AAC (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer). Depending on the event the Organizer will ask you to prepare different durations of performance: 2 minutes, 4 minutes and 15/20/30 minutes.* * This time depends on the genre you represent (circus tricky genres, for example hand-balance, contortion, etc. 15 minutes Other circus disciplines: clowning, object manipulation, etc., music, dance performances, theatrical acts 20 minutes Interaction acts, for example: live statue, stilts, etc. 30 minutes).

  1. B) Write on online media such as SNS, blog etc. to let the world know the appeal of AAC/Awaji Island/Japan! (daily). *This task is also very important one and the Organizer will check its completion.Sometimes the Organizer will provide you with the information you have to use in the posts or ask to share some posts
  2. C) Proactively participate in Japanese cultural experience programs(once a week on days off).
  3. D)Perform in Grand performance. Participants will collaborate with local artists and school students to create a joint Grand performance which will take place at the end of the Festival.
  4. E) Lead a Workshop. Participants will lead a workshop of their discipline for local people
  5. F) Participate in Daily evening meetings. 20-minutes evening meetings will be held daily (excluding one day off)

・Recruiting number of artists: 30

More Info & Application form:

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