Auditions for dance students age 12-21 to enter the professional training program of Paris Marais Dance School season20182019.

Where: Paris Marais Dance School, 41 rue du Temple, 75004 Paris, France

July 2-6th 2018
July 16-20th 2018
September 3-7th 2018

PARIS MARAIS DANCE SCHOOL was founded in 2012 by ex-principal dancers Maggie Boogaart and Ghislain de Compreignac. The pre-professional (age 12-18) and professional training program (age 17-21) prepare young talent to enter dance companies worldwide.

To audition, candidates are asked to participate during one week in classes: either in the summer intensive or at the beginning of the season and participate in neo-classical ballet technique & repertory classes, contemporary-Graham technique & repertory classes, as well as choreographical composition.

Three periods are possible to audition for season 20182019:
1) July 2-6h 2018
2) July 16-20th 2018
3) September 3-7th 2018

The faculty of Paris Marais Dance School is Maggie Boogaart (Pays-Bas, ex-principal dancer, ex-director/choreographer company Dragon Productions in Amsterdam and teacher recognized by the Martha Graham School NYC) and Ghislain de Compreignac (France, ex-principal dancer Ballet du Nord, Ballet Royal de Wallonie, Ballet du Rhin, Ballet de Nancy, Ballet Théâtre Joseph Rusillo. International guest teachers are esteemed artists, such as Maurice Causey (William Forsythe), David Chase (Martha Graham Dance Company), Michael Denard (Opéra de Paris), Tebby Ramasike (TeBogo Dance Company) …

At Paris Marais Dance School, we work in small classes (8-15 students per class) to ensure personal coaching and corrections based on the specific needs and goals of each young artist-to-be. Diversity is encouraged!

The training at Paris Marais Dance School is based on two basic academic dance techniques: Neo-classical ballet and contemporary-Graham. The combination of these two complementary techniques give the dancers of today the richest technology to address an international career with present leading choreographers. This cross-training allows more balanced muscle work to improve physical performance and helps students to acquire a brilliant style and increase their virtuosity.

The daily training in neo-classical and contemporary-Graham is completed with classes and workshops in flow, release, contact-improvisation, improvisation, point work, classical and contemporary partnerwork, variations and repertory, as well as workshops by guest teachers, such as opera singing, acting, martial arts, jazz etc.

More information can be found on our website, Youtube and Vimeo channel.

How to apply

1 – Fill in the online form: – Send your application file by e-mail to , including:
A letter of motivation, why you want to study at Paris Marais Dance School and what your goal is in dance.
Your resume (maximum 1 MB), including a photo in arabesque and in grand jeté, as well as links to a classical and contemporary solo on Youtube or Vimeo.

3 – Participate* one week in classes at Paris Marais Dance School

* Overseas candidates who cannot participate in July can audition the first week of the season (September 3-7th 2018)

4 – A final interview with the two directors will conclude the audition.

Costs for participants: 100€ (for 1 week of 15-20 classes)

Contact details:
Maggie Boogaart
Co-founder / Co-director Paris Marais Dance School
Phone: + 33 637 90 99 80