The training project was born from an idea of Davide Romeo, founder of Uscite di Emergenza dance company, based in Rome (Italy), from the strong desire to connect young dancers with their potential by offering the space and opportunities to grow, deepen, discover and self discover, experience themselves.

Where: Rome, Italy

When: 05/06/2022

Deadline for applications: 02/06/2022

The project is aimed at young dancers and young professionals who want to continue to progress in their professional path.
Each candidate will have the opportunity to deepen the awareness of their body, enhance its characteristics by taking care of it through an “open” study and give light to a connection between body and creativity through the various didactic and laboratory opportunities proposed.
The training will have a calendar that includes 1 or 2 weekends a month of intensive work, for 7 hours a day, also accessible to those who are not based in Rome.
There will be 3 INTERNATIONAL guest professional choreographers who will intervene during these weekends to enhance the training work and additional online meetings for distance learning and multimedia teaching material.
Additional meetings will be organized for small groups and individuals over the weekend scheduled at a later time for specific and in-depth work.
A Sharing is organized at the end of each weekend. Within the “Punti di Raccolta” exhibition, co-managed by the students themselves, candidates will have the opportunity to perform and / or watch and comment on the creations of guests. At the same time, the aim is to develop practical-technical skills in the sector to deal with the creation of a job and the management of an event in all its aspects (elaboration of synopsis and material of the creation, lighting design, coordination of the technique, planning of performances in the evening, etc. .)
At the end of the first quarter, a cinematographic work with a videomaker will be completed to deepen the knowledge of video dance and enrich one’s artistic language.
At the end of the training it is expected the creation of a performance that will debut in the theater and which includes the choreographic work carried out during the training and the choreographic work of the individual participants.
The collaboration with the Corpo Mobile festival will ensure that two of our students participate in the international competition with their creation as young choreographers involving the other students.
Numerous effective collaborations will be activated with professional, training, and festival realities.
It will also be possible to be included in the work of Uscite di Emergenza Dance Company at the discretion of the choreographer.

How to apply: The course is accessed via Audition. 10 places available. The commission may decide to admit 5 other candidates for particular artistic merits.
the choreographer and the company reserve the right to directly invite candidates to the course.
The hearing will be structured as follows:
Warm-up and Lesson with the artistic director and the company
Private Exhibition with the commission of a solo of max 2.30
Private individual interview with the commission following the performance
Results of the hearing within 5 working days
AUDITION DATES: 05/06/2022 26/06/2022 04/09/2022
What to prepare for the audition:
a solo presentation of one’s choreutic abilities that falls within 2.30 min.
solo music in usb stick mp3 format single track
photocopy of the ID document, paper CV, signed declaration to download on the site
To apply for the audition, fill in the online form on the website:

Contact details: For further information:

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