PROGRAM 2019/2020
Multi-disciplinary training project for performers and contemporary creators

Artistic Director Carlo Massari

Where: Leggere Strutture Art Factory – Via Ferrarese 169/A Bologna 40128 – Italy

When: Sunday 09th JUNE 2019 in BERLIN| Sunday 23th June in BOLOGNA

ANFIBIA is an immersive and multi-disciplinary training project conceived to supply and reinforce both performer’s tools and creator’s alongside.
ANFIBIA’s name already contains an idea of hybridisation and blend between different performative languages; theatre, dance, song, music, circus, drama, performance.
The platform is addressing the artists who are interested in undertaking a path leading through cross-formation research. The purpose being that of forming adaptive performers, able to scenically cross from one language form to another exposing themselves to a pursuit of a possible independent creative path.
A full-time formation in Performing Art, the duration of which is 6 months (October 2019 – March 2020), will have classes on a weekly basis for a total of 600 hours.
Every day the participants will switch between practical classes, regarding the use of the body and the voice in its different meanings, and theory classes concerning history and theory of the performative act, organizing and managing skills, with the help of experts specialized in a wide array of disciplines. Moreover, the monthly focuses will bring special guests coming from some of the world’s most important Companies.
Alongside performative teaching, the students will be accompanied by a coach every step of the way on a path aimed at creating their, both individual and group, scenic projects that will be subject to public inaugurations and event participation throughout the year.

“Especially in this hystorical period, comprised of mutations, changes, continuous transformations, I believe in a multidisciplinary and articulated path as this one.
An extraordinary, mould-breaking opportunity apt to deal with the employment of new contemporary languages and their various implementations.
I envision providing an opportunity to create a protected setting which would permit the creators and performers of tomorrow to grow; a home where everyone is able to recognise, develop and raise each own’s different talent that makes them special, unique, effective.
The city of Bologna, for its history, tradition and culture, holds a vocation towards research, innovation and growth in various fields, including the Arts; it is no coincidence that this project sees the light of the world precisely here.
For me ANFIBIA is an project bubbling with energy, in constant evolution, a relentless flux.”

Carlo Massari




The audition will consist of:

* Contemporary dance class
* Theater class
* Physical and vocal improvisation
* Individual interview with the staff

To apply, please send your CV, Application form and photos to

The audition will consist of:

* Contemporary dance class
* Theater class
* Physical and vocal improvisation
* Individual interview with the staff

Auditions are free of cost.

Contact details: Anfibia
Via Ferrarese 169/A
Bologna 40128 – Italy

For further information, please visit

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