Gabriela Zuarez/ Cie Sur Mundo is holding an audition for participation in phase 6 of the research- project Hybrid Languages last- round in 2019 and to foreground a new project for 2020.

Where: De Roos van Dekamaweg 3 1061 HR Amsterdam The Netherlands

When: Monday 25 February 2019 12:00 PM

Deadline for applications: 18 February 2019

The project applies to: intern- students from 3-4 year BA dance; apprentices after BA/MA graduation; professional dancers and/or dancers in career transition are welcome to apply; as well dance teachers and Tango dancers with interest in choreography and theatre are able to apply. There are a few (partial/full) scholarships for dance students.

The preferential dancers’ profile for this project is modern dancers, movers and performers with background in Tango or Western folklore (though not excluding); dance teachers and Tango dancers with further relevant condition training.

During the audition it will be looked beyond the dancers’ qualities to their affinity with the research about movement and Tango, to their relation to the work-mode, to their capacity to contribute with the dramaturge and to build up continuity in the group. Zuarez will be facilitating the research- phase 6 to enlarge the project knowledge and to integrate new members for 2020.

The project will develop through the following periods:
29 March- 7 April (10 days);
15-19 May (5 days);
5- 9 June (5 days)
In June the open presentations will take place

Hybrid Languages Project is being co-partnered and co-founded organizations in The Netherlands and has its brother-project Coreo-Lab in Argentina.

To apply, please send a Motivation letter, short CV and 2 short video links to
Note: Candidates applying for scholarships, apprenticeships or internships must attach a letter or referral from their teacher/ mentor or coach to their application.

Costs for participants:
200 euros, standard price for professionals. Dance interns/ apprentices will be free of charge once they would be accepted; they must fulfill certain requirements though. Scholarships (full/ partial) are available for students; as well they must fulfill certain requirements. Pre-registration and payment before starting the research are necessary. Please, take a minute to read the conditions on the website.

Contact details:
Gabriela Zuarez
Artistic leader Cie Sur Mundo
Dramaturge- Choreographer
M +31 6 40238564
The Netherlands

For further information, please visit