Aafke de Jong and Iwan Gunawan are looking for 4 dancers (female/male) for international collaboration project (audition/workshop).
During this audition/workshop you will get an exceptional experience to widen your abilities and vision as a dancer. By working with internationally renowned artists choreographer Aafke de Jong (The Netherlands) and composer Iwan Gunawan (Indonesia), you will get the opportunity to become part of a unique process where music and movement will equally inspire each other. Both De Jong and Gunawan make contemporary work using elements form Indonesian dance and music genres and cultural concepts.

Where: Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance

 Address: Adi-Maislinger-Strasse 12, D-81373 München (Germany)

When: Saturday March 4th 2017
 Time: 14:00 – 17:00 hrs.

Deadline for subscription: Friday March 3rd 2017 (17:00 hrs)

Participants who have been selected will start a creative process to develop ‘a new language’ together with Aafke de Jong and Iwan Gunawan during some sessions in March 2017. A small showing of this ‘work in progress’ will be held at the Münchner Stadmuseum on Friday March 24th at 19:30 hrs with live music.

First half of audition/workshop: lesson in basic Balinese dance technique (no previous experience in that particular style needed!). Second half of audition/workshop: through specific questions/tasks participants will create their own (short) material, based on concepts and movements gained during the first half of the workshop/audition.

This period will be the beginning of the preparation for a large dance theatre performance for the International Festival for Contemporary Gamelan that will take place from 7-17th of June 2018.

Looking for: 4 female dancers or 2 female dancers and 2 male dancers with
 -strong contemporary dance technique (basis on classical ballet)
-good feeling for lines and detail
-good flexibility (especially in the back)
-open-mindedness for collaboration with choreographer and composer from different dance and musical background
-creativity; who are able to contribute to the creative process
-strong stage personality
-sensitivity to adapt different dance styles
-Recently graduated dancers also welcome!
-As we are looking for a cast with people from different cultural backgrounds, dancers with Asian or ‘non-western’ features are encouraged to join the workshop/audition

How to apply: subscription only by sending an e-mail to aafke_dejong@yahoo.com, including a portrait picture, CV and video-link (maximum of 3 links per person) to (a) work you performed in as a dancer.

Audition fee: none

Contact details: email: aafke_dejong@yahoo.com

For further information please visit: www.aafkedejong.nl

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