ProsArt Ballet are specifically seeking dancers aged 17-23 who possess a strong foundation in classical ballet and an understanding of contemporary ballet. If you’re a dancer seeking guidance, rigorous training, and a clear pathway to the professional world, we welcome you to join us.

April 5th 2024 in Stuttgart
April 7th 2024 in Toulouse

Throughout the entire training journey, our dedicated team provides comprehensive support, focusing not only on honing dancing skills but also on prioritizing the physical well-being of each dancer. Our team comprises a diverse range of professionals, including physiotherapists, naturopaths, and physical trainers, as well as seasoned guest teachers and choreographers with extensive experience in prestigious companies such as CND de Madrid, Colorado Ballet, Israelli Ballet, ENB, Hamburg Ballet, and Ballet du Capitole.

We have an audition scheduled for Friday, April 5th, in Stuttgart at 12:00 PM as part of the Danceworld Project contest, and another audition on April 7th in Toulouse at 11:00 , located at 34 Boulevard de la Méditerranée, 31400 Toulouse.

How to apply:
We invite you to send your CV and video content (optional) to

Contact details:
4 Rue Roquelaure, 81000 Albi, FRANCE
Tel. : +33 6 37 56 29 48

For further information, please visit