The Modular course FOR Dance Theatre (one year duration), directed by the choreographer Olga Roriz, alongside with dancers from her Company and also high specialized teachers, has the purpose to hand over the baton of a long knowledge legacy, training dynamic, contemporary and individualists interpreters/dancers with a high technical qualification, with theatre abilities and that participate actively in the creative process together with the choreographer.

Where: Companhia Olga Roriz: Travessa do Recolhimento Lázaro Leitão, Nº 1, 1º 1149-044 Santa Apolónia | Lisbon | Portugal

When: 18th September 2021, 10:00am

Deadline for applications: 15th September 2021

Aiming to expand the technical, artistic and professional know-how, within an organized educative activity and with a curricular logic that can be an extension of the Company own goals.

Olga’s teaching staff, directed by the Company artistic guidelines and the choreographer’s vast experience, set out a coherent pedagogical project and in total complicity between the several proposed areas.

The pedagogical programme of the Modular course FOR Dance Theatre is formed by the subjects of Physical Conditioning, Yoga and Gyrokinesis, Contemporary Dance, Repertoire and Improvisation. Students can also participate as external students at the disciplines of the Integral course FOR Dance Theatre (two years duration) such as Creation Ateliers, Workshops, Voice and Elocution, Music, Scenography, Dramaturgy, Writing, Dance/Theatre History, Costumes and Props, Light, Sound, Video, Nutrition, Production and Applications.

Amélia Bentes, Ana Vaz, André de Campos, Anouk Froidevaux, António Quadros Ferro, Beatriz Dias, Beatriz Valentim, Carla Ribeiro, Catarina Câmara, Cláudia Dias, Connor Scott, Cristina Piedade, Emanuel Santos, João Carneiro, João Chicó, Lina Duarte, Ludger Lamers, Magalie Lanriot, Magda Bull, Margarida Belo Costa, Maria Quintans, Marta Jardim, Natalia Lis, Nuno Cabral, Olga Roriz, Peter Michael Dietz, Rafael Alvarez, Rita Silva, Sara Carinhas, Sebastian Scheriff, Sérgio Milhano, Teresa Alves da Silva, Yaniv Abraham, Yonel Serrano.

FOR Dance Theater:
Modular 2021/2022
Length | 1 year – 22 hours/week
Schedule | Monday to Friday – 9am to 1:40pm
Applications by audition (the prerequisites are advanced basic training in dance, notions of composition and the ability to adapt to various choreographic languages)

Contemporary dance class
Company’s Repertoire class
Free presentation (max 3 minutes)

To register, visit

Costs for participants:
Prices: Audition € 30,
Course Registration + insurance € 200,
Monthly (10 months) x € 200

Contact details:
+351 927298695

For further information, please visit