Piergiorgio Milano is looking for dancer, acrobats, and actors with an experience in climbing sports (indoor or outdoor) and all climbers with any artistic or stage experiences. Also all artists trained in: contemporary dance, aerial circus, trampoline, voltige, vertical dance, dance escalate, Chinese pole…that wish to have a hard training in climbing are welcome. The company is also looking for every kind of artist: dj, musicians, singers, video makers… that wish to work on the theme of the show.

Where: Spazio Flic via Niccolo Pagani 100, Turin, Italy

When: 17-18 November

Deadline for applications: 5-11-2018

Improvisation, theatrical experience, and attitude to work and create in a personal way are needed.

All artistic complementary practices are welcome.

How to apply

To take part into the audition you must send: CV, video of your specialty or your act, video of a dance impro 2 min max, video where you climb in a “creative- artistic way” indoor or outdoor 2 min max.If you’re not available during the audition please send your material anyway, in case you’ll be selected we’ll find another moment to meet you.
If you’d like to come to workshop without being part of the audition please send your material and specify it.

Please contact us for more information and send your materials to piergiorgiomilano.audizione@gmail.com

For further information, please visit http://www.piergiorgiomilano.com

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