E-WERK Freiburg in cooperation with Tanznetz Freiburg and Kulturamt Freiburg is looking for 5 dancers for NAKED LOVE (working title) with choreographer Karolin Stächele/ DAGADA dance company.

Where: Südufer Freiburg, Germany

When: audition: 12 June 2020 for local dancers, 13 June 2020 for external dancers, 14 June 2020 audition recall

Deadline for applications: 28 May 2020

We are looking for
• strong skills in contemporary dance techniques and improvisation
• relevant stage experience
• interest in the core topic of the piece: love in a globalized, digitalized world of today
• involvement in the creative process
• interest in research for authentic movement and authentic movement interpretation
• nudity should not be a problem during rehearsals and on stage
• all genders, ethnicities, sizes or ages welcome
• available for the whole working period

The selection of the participating dancers is based not only on a good variable contemporary dance technique, but also on heterogeneous body characteristics, great changeability and presence and a strong interest in developing an individual, sensual, multi-layered, erotic and strongly authentic dance language.

We are offering
• paid rehearsals from 31 August – 18 September
and 5 October – 29 October 2020
• paid performances 30 & 31 October and 1 & 5 November 2020
• travel and accommodation expenses are covered for external artists
• a friendly, teamwork environment where individuals matter and artistic choices
are happening now

How to apply: Send your visual portfolio (CV) and different dance videos (improvisation and
performance) by Vimeo or YouTube (not accepted any uploaded video which is requested
to download).
Selected artists will be informed by mail latest 1 June 2020.
Audition by invitation only. Accommodation, travel and insurance costs won’t be covered to
attend the audition.

There are no costs for participants. But accommodation, travel and insurance costs for the audition won’t be covered.

Contact details: tanz@ewerk-freiburg.de
E-WERK Freiburg
Eschholzstraße 77
79106 Freiburg

For further information, please visit www.ewerk-freiburg.de and www.dagada.org.

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