Manifest Dance Company is currently looking for a female performer based in Amsterdam to join our team.

Where: Belcampo Loft, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

When: 15th May 2024 12:00h-16:00h

Deadline for applications: 10th May 2024

We are looking for someone to take on an existing role in a duet research process and filming assignment on 28th June, with the possibility of further engagement. Therefore we seek specific type, a dancer that is no taller than 1.70 meters and also possesses highly technical skills in contemporary dance, partnering & improvisation. The ideal candidate should be a quick learner of set choreographic material. This is a paid opportunity in a part-time research period.

The audition for this role will be held on May 15th 2024, 12:00h-16:00 at the Belcampo Loft Studio in Amsterdam Old-West. First couple of rehearsals are already scheduled for 24th May & 29th May, availability required. Attendance is by invitation only. We are specifically looking for individuals with experience in performing and a passion for pushing artistic boundaries. If you meet these criteria and are based in Amsterdam, we encourage you to apply for this exciting new role and participation!

How to apply:
Interested candidates for the 1st selection circle are requested to send their CV and recent video material for consideration on

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